Healing at the Gym

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I have built a friendship with Joe and Paula at the gym over the past several months. At one point I told Paula my story and she knows I know a little bit about anatomy and fitness, so Tuesday at the gym, she came over and was asking me what muscle ran down the side of the neck towards the collarbone. I explained there is a muscle that turns the head with is connected to the skull and runs down a bone in the from either the breast or collar bone. I asked her why and she said hers has been hurting so bad. I asked her to step closer as I was on the treadmill while she was on the floor. She stepped closer and I asked if I could pray and she said sure. So I put my hand on her and asked God to heal her. I commanded the pain to be gone and in there somewhere I added “because You love her”. I told her to check it and her eyes got big. She turned her head back and forth and kept saying, “It’s gone!” I smiled and told her, “That’s because He loves you,” and she was like, “yeah, I guess He does”. I put my headphones on and kept treading.

So I forgot completely about this. I missed Wednesday and went back to the gym on Thursday. Paula and Joe were on the elliptical orbit machines, and it is my pattern if I am going to do cardio to get a treadmill next to them. So I went over and said hey. Joe started laughing and told me to look at Paula. She was laughing and smiling. She told me that she would not even tell Joe until 5 or 6 that evening (I go to the gym about 6 in the morning before work). But she told him, “The craziest thing happened to me at the gym today…” She told him the story. Well, he told me that her neck was so bad it was red and swollen earlier in the week and now it is completely healed! I said, “Of course, because she is Daddy’s little girl and He loves her!”

Submitted by David Sellers


Let the Little Children Come to Me

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Thursday, March 17th, was one of the most amazing days of my life. I had the awesome privilege of going into Dallastown Intermediate School to speak to students in 4th-6th grade. Aaron Flay, a math/science teacher, had invited me.

The students meet in a classroom on Thursday afternoons after school. The meeting is called “The Bridge” and began through the vision of some like minded teachers. A few days before going into the school, I felt like God had given me Mark 16:20 to share with the students, namely that the disciples preached the Gospel and Jesus confirmed their word through signs and wonders. On the way to the school with Brandon Ladd, I also felt like I heard God say, “Let the little children come to me.”

When Brandon and I arrived and made our way to the classroom, I immediately noticed a boy with crutches and an ankle brace. I got very excited! I desperately wanted to see God move on behalf of those students and for them to see how good God is, that He loves them, and that He is really real!

Upon entering the classroom, I also noticed a young girl with a sling that hung around her neck and held her right arm in place up against her chest. I asked Aaron if it would be ok if we prayed for the sick and he said yes.

After the students enjoyed a snack after a day full of PSSA testing, I was invited to the front of the room to share in front of approximately 50 students. In the beginning, I shared about the students’ value and how much God loves them. I then shared that I believe people are tired of hearing about God and that they want to see Him. I said that it’s the encounter with God that makes Him real and draws us deeper into Him. I also shared that God heals the sick and that He was going to do it for them and through them.

At that point, I invited anyone and everyone who had pain and sickness in their body to come to the front and line up. Both the boy on crutches and the girl with the sling came forward with four other students. Without realizing it, it was as if the students lined up from best to worst in regards to their ailments. I then invited those who felt bold enough to help me pray to come forward. There was approximately just as many willing to pray as those that were in need of prayer, about 6 in all.

I walked the students through what was going to happen by explaining to them why I had faith to pray for these kids and how to pray for the sick. In fact, I took advantage of every opportunity I had to stop and walk the students through what God was doing and why. This happened often either while we were praying for a particular student or after. I made it light hearted for everyone, which brought laughter to the moment. I wanted it to be clear, however, that it was God’s will to heal and that He wants to do it because He loves us and wants us to know Him.

(For the sake of keeping the students’ names anonymous, I am going to use aliases for them from this point forward)

The first girl we prayed for was named Lindsay. When I asked Lindsay what was wrong, she shared that her feet hurt because of her shoes. She also mentioned that her pain level was at a 5 on a scale of 1-10. I explained to the classroom why I have people locate their pain level on a scale and then had two students join me in laying hands on Lindsay and praying for her. I also shared about appropriate places to touch while praying and to ask for permission.

I also joked by asking the students if they think Jesus would tell Lindsay to get a grip and buy some new shoes or if He would be concerned about her pain. I had the two students helping me pray to repeat after me. When we were finished, we checked in with a shocked Lindsay who explained that the pain was gone and that her feet were tingling. “Wow!” was the first thing she said. Her smile covered her face.

I then explained why manifestations are common, but not always necessary. Sometimes people feel nothing and are still healed.

The next girl we prayed for was Jackie. She explained that she had pain in her neck and that when she would lean her head to the right, her neck would bother her. I recruited two more students to help me pray and instructed them to put their hands on her neck where the pain was. After praying two times, the pain left.

At this point, I was getting really fired up knowing that we were getting nearer to the tougher cases. It was just so awesome that these students were both seeing and experiencing this.

The next student was a boy who had pulled his groin while playing soccer. He said his pain was throbbing, as if with his heartbeat, between a 3 to a 6. After two more students and I prayed one time, his pain got a little better. At that point, I instructed the students to pray themselves without me. After 1-2 more times, the boy’s pain was gone and he could stand on the sole leg that was bothering him with all of his weight on it.

Lo and behold, the next student was Meghan, the young girl with the sling that held her right arm in place… and this particular case was my favorite and touched me the most. Meghan had the biggest smile on her face – the same smile she wore while I was preaching. When I asked if she believed that God was going to heal her, she enthusiastically said yes. When I asked for two or more students to help me pray, one girl raised her hand, said that she was her friend and that she wanted to pray. I said, “Come on, sweetie. Let’s do it.”

When I asked Meghan what was wrong, she had told me that she had broken her collar bone after falling off of some playground equipment. We prayed once and immediately Meghan was able to shrug her shoulders up and down, which would be impossible for someone to do in her condition. I then said to her, “Meghan, if you want, you may take off your sling and move your arm around, but I would never tell you to do that and try to make you live by my faith. But if you have faith to do it, you may take it off.”

We prayed once more and Meghan took her sling off. Tears began to fill her eyes. It was emotional for her. God healed her broken bone! I looked at her in the eyes and said, “It’s ok to cry, honey, God touched you and loves you.” She began to cry as she buried her face in her hands. Her friend who prayed also began to cry and held Meghan. I was wrecked. Inside, I was freaking out! I turned to the seated students and pointed out that they had just seen a miracle and that God was amazing. I gave Meghan a hug and she showed everyone that she was now able to raise her arm in the air again.

When I had turned to the young girl next to Meghan, I noticed that she was crying as well. This young girl had a walking boot on her left leg covering both her foot and leg up to her knee. It was a pretty serious boot! She had smashed her growth plates together a week or two ago and has been in almost constant pain since then.

Upon seeing her crying, something rose up inside of me and I asked her if she was already experiencing healing. She said her pain had already gone from an 8 to a 5. I pointed out to everyone how significant that was and how her own faith was beginning to heal her. Her tears were the direct reflection that she believed she was about to be healed. I shared with the group that even Jesus told people that their faith had made them well and that Paul had also told a gentleman the same thing in Acts 14.

I then looked at the young girl and told her that I believed she was going to take her boot off. At this point, more and more students were gathering around and coming forward. Two or more – actually, it was at least five students who helped pray – prayed with me. After we prayed two times, the young girl took off her boot and walked around, miraculously healed! Her tears continued to fall. I again pointed the students’ attention to how amazing this whole ordeal was.

It now came time to pray for Mark, the boy on crutches – the one case everyone was waiting to see. At this point, some students had come forward to sit on the floor in front of Mark to be up close and personal eye witnesses. They wanted to be right there to see if he was going to walk without crutches.

When I had asked for volunteers to help pray, 2-3 of Mark’s friends, who hadn’t engaged at all up to this point, raised their hands to come forward while sitting against the right side wall. I thought it was so awesome that these boys, whom could have been considered in “the too cool for school” group, wanted to pray for their friend.

After praying for Mark one time, he mentioned that he didn’t feel anything in his foot. I again reiterated to everyone that feeling something or not doesn’t mean that God isn’t doing something. Mark did, however, mention that it felt better.

We prayed again and I asked Mark to start moving his foot in circles. There was no pain. He stood on that foot putting all his weight on it. There was no pain. I then asked if he wanted to take his brace off and he said yes. With crutches in hand and ankle brace off, Mark walked around the room without so much as a limp. I was so pumped it wasn’t even funny. I was freaking out inside and so was Brandon. In fact, both Brandon and Aaron Flay mentioned that they had tears in their eyes watching these kids get healed.

No sooner did Mark get healed, the meeting ended and the students had to leave. One young girl shared with me that her faith used to be so low but now after seeing what she did, it soared to new heights. Another young girl mentioned that this was the best thing she ever saw and asked if I could come back. She also said that she had heard stories of things like this happening, but now she got to see it for herself.

What was more awesome was the fact that these healed students were about to get into cars with their parents and that their parents would be eye witnesses of what happened. Not only that, these seeds that were sown in their heart that day will never be able to be taken and will continue to grow and be reproduced through the telling of this testimony.

Submitted by Pastor Brian Connolly

God Makes A Home

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To All of Gods People,

I believe everything God does in our lives is for a purpose. He had been working in me for the past several years to come to a deeper relationship with Him. He began stirring my heart to walk in the gifts of the spirit. He led people into my path to help me learn and understand the gifts of the spirit and I began to grow in this area of my spiritual life.

As I grew in this new area of my life, I began to see God work in ways I had never experienced before. For example, six months ago I witnessed a miraculous healing of a crippled woman. I had known her for two years and she had been in a wheel chair the whole time. Through the manifestation of the Holy Spirit she was completely healed and able to walk again.

During this period in my life, the Lord also reunited me with my friend Mickey I had known years ago. She was the one who first introduced me to Edgar Rodriguez and the wHoly Chicken restaurant.

God used Mickey and Edgar Rodriguez to give me the home I am living in now. First you need to understand that my husband left me twelve years ago. I have not had my own home all this time. I was laid off from my job, couldn’t find work so I had to move out of my apartment. I had to rent a room from someone to have a place to live. After I was reunited with Mickey I expressed that I would love to have my own home and was considering purchasing a used mobile home. Mickey and I started praying and fasting for a mobile home. I had the opportunity to purchase one for $10,000, but God had other plans.

One day Mickey and I were at the wHoly Chicken talking to Edgar when he said “God has asked me to ask you about your living situation.” I told him about it and he asked if I would like a mobile home. I told him I wasn’t sure if I could afford one yet, but he said, “I didn’t ask you if you want to buy it, I asked if you want it.” I was speechless and overwhelmed!!! We cried and praised God and kept thanking God for the blessing and the answer to prayer.

As it turns out Edgar and Patty had helped to renovate a mobile home for an elderly man. When the gentleman passed away his nieces donated the mobile home. This is the home I am now living in. My family, people from the wHoly Chicken, and the Christian community came together to do some major renovations. God made a way for me to get a new kitchen, floors, carpet, paint, and donated beautiful furniture. Even the appliances were left for me. All this transpired in only five weeks. It is my home free and clear. If you would like to visit or have questions please feel free to call at 717-818-6001.

I give God all the glory.

Miss Cindy Rivers

God is Present…

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In all places and at all times. His goodness and love know no bounds. Two weeks ago, busy at work, I received several texts from a very close friend. It had been a few months since the birth of her baby boy and yet she was bleeding and the doctor had told her that she may have to take estrogen supplements to make it stop. Or, if not, it could continue indefinitely. The problem with taking estrogen would mean that her milk supply could be affected. Not only was satan attacking her physically, but he was trying to rob her of a magnificent gift she’s been given—the joy of motherhood. Being the mother God created her to be, she selflessly vowed to sacrifice bleeding in order to provide milk for her baby the way God intended. But she asked me to pray for her so that this sacrifice would not be necessary.

Bad timing. I’m in the middle of a very busy day at work! I don’t have time to pray now, but Ben and I will pray later in the evening. Once there is time. So I texted her back, affirming her identity and promising to pray for her later that evening.

But, while taking a quick bathroom break, my heart was convicted. I was overcome by an urgent need to pray for her no matter how busy and no matter that we weren’t together. So I returned to my office and began texting.

I command your bleeding to dry up in Jesus’ name. I command your body to align with His word. His word is that you are a mother who will provide for her children. I thank Him that He does not give us babies to steward just to steal from us the means of stewarding. I rebuke the enemy’s attack and his attempt to steal the provision God has given you for your baby boy. You have been bought by the blood of the Lamb and no enemy attack can stand! Be healed, in Jesus’ name!

That message was followed by the next: Listen—I’ve never healed anyone via text message but the Holy Spirit is all over me right now. You are healed!

It’s true. There I was in my office, door open, hands in the air (when I wasn’t texting), twitching in the Spirit and asking for MORE! And there she was, miles away, laughing and crying in the Spirit as she read my text.

We believed in her healing even when her circumstances said otherwise. The bleeding got worse. But she stood strong. So satan attacked her family. But she wouldn’t let him have his way. She continued to stand on God’s promises and His love for her. The bleeding got better, but didn’t stop. We prayed again, knowing God is better than 80%. And now, three weeks later, the bleeding has stopped.

And I was reminded that I don’t have to be omnipresent. Because He’s in all places at all times.

 submitted by Tabitha Phillips