Tears of Joy

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I used to work at a school in Capitol Heights, Md. While I worked there I became friends with the educational director, Dorreen. I worked at the school for five years, and on my last day, Dorreen was not there and I never said good bye. I haven’t seen her or talked to her for 7 years. For the past few months I have thought about contacting her to see how she is doing and never got around to it. Thursday night, April 19, 2012, I had a dream of myself giving a yellow manila envelope to Dorreen and when she took it she began to cry. Upon waking up, I knew that God wanted me to contact Doreen. Of course the thoughts of, “this is strange” began to creep in and I began to talk myself out of calling her like I had in the past. Walking back and forth in my kitchen, I picked up the phone and called the school. After speaking to the receptionist who transferred me to Dorreen, she said “Is this Jason, did you get my message?” Immediately I was confused because I had not spoken to her a long time. I began to tell Dorreen about my dream, and how odd it had been that we were not in contact over the past seven years. At which point Dorreen told me that on Wednesday night April 18, 2012 she was on Facebook attempting to find me and was only able to find my wife, but she had not found a way to contact me. During our conversation Dorreen said “this phone call has rekindled my love for God” and “I hope that people understand what tears of joy are.” It was great to talk to Doreen and find out how she is doing. What is even better is to know that God gave me a dream and I was able to connect that dream with another one of his children.

Submitted by Jason Whing


A Marriage Founded on Christ

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I wanted to share that my husband, Samuel, got Saved on Easter Sunday! What a fantastic, awesome experience for him, and our marriage. God is so good and so forgiving and loving. Wow! And on Sunday, May 13th, we were baptized together at the church. We are new creations in Christ, and our marriage is brand new and now completely built on the foundation of Christ! I am daily amazed at HIS goodness. Amen.

Submitted by Erica Lau