Reawakened to a God Reality

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I was at a gas station the other day and I saw a man come in with a large brace over his knee. My gut reaction was not to pray for him but was thinking how inconvenient it would be to pray for him. He walked out of the gas station and I was still in line. I thought to myself if he is still in the gas station when I walk out I will pray for him. I felt weird considering my attitude and immediately became encouraged knowing that seeing healing is what I want and if I am going to see it I need to pray for it. I walked out found the guy pumping gas. His demeanor looked irritated and asking him a question about his leg didn’t help.

“So what’s wrong with your leg, why the brace?”
“I just had knee surgery.”
“Does it hurt or bother you?”
“Well do you mind if I pray for a speedy recovery?”

We were shaking hands when I asked the question, and he said, “yes,” he would like prayer. I prayed a short prayer and felt led to pray and bless his finances. He was so shaken by the idea that someone wanted to pray for him, that he wouldn’t let go of my hand. He kept shaking it and telling me how much he appreciated the prayer.

I said, “no problem,” and walked away. By the time I got to my car he came over to me and wanted to ask me more questions and tell me about his financial situation with him and his wife. He then proceeded to tell me that he felt like he should go back to church again.

I didn’t tell him where I go to church I just kept listening as he poured his heart out. Its amazing how God can absolutely demolish what Satan is doing an instant. Here I thought this guy was going to blow me off, and my offer of prayer. I don’t know if his leg felt any better, since he was on pain meds, but something else happened in him. It seems like he was reawakened to a God reality.

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Thanking God

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We were camping the other weekend. My mouth had been sore and it was hard to chew on the right side of my mouth. So I started thanking God for the healing of my mouth. By the end of the weekend my mouth no longer hurt and I could chew on that side without pain.

As we were tearing down, I twisted and popped my right knee. I sat down and I had Charlie take a look at my knee. You could see that something was wrong. I started to thank God for healing my knee. With in about an hour you could no longer see the swollen knee and the pain was gone. I had some tingling going on in my toes and by the grace of God I no longer have any tingling or pain in my right knee.

Just wanted to share how God had healed my body.
Submitted by Sue Holtzinger