My Daddy Rocks

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Recently my father was missing for 3 days. He normally calls me and suddenly I didn’t hear from him. So, I called my sister to ask if she had heard from him and she had not. I told her I needed her to drive to Richmond and see if everything was ok (she lived 1 1/2 away). She did and to our dismay his apartment was found unlocked with his wallet (with cash) and cellphone inside. I asked her to hang-up and start calling hospitals. She found him in the 5th hospital she called. He had a stroke and was found wondering the parking lot of his complex. A neighbor saw that he was disoriented and called the paramedics. The doctors informed us that he could no longer live on his own. He just turned 70 years old and that’s still a vibrant age to me. I wasn’t ready to hear this. I brought my dad back home to York on September 7th, not knowing how all of this was going to work. Single mom trying to take care of my daughters, and now my dad? I needed my pay, so FMLA was not an option. I stayed home Monday calling nursing homes and the Department of Aging, and was told, "be prepared this process will take between 4-8 weeks!" I said to my DADDY, "I need YOU to come through big on this one!" I called every nursing home in York County and received a "NO Room" or "We’ll get back to you." Sleep deprived but not shaken that my DADDY loves me. On September 13th I received a call telling me that there was a room for my father and in my office cube I let the loudest "YES!" I could muster without being escorted out of the building. The next day, my father was in his room with his leather recliner from his apartment and I was able to not miss a paycheck. You see my DADDY loves me and He blessed me with so many wonderful people to come along side of me and walk with me through this difficult time. Four to eight weeks…NO…my DADDY did it all in 4 days! HE ROCKS!

Submitted by Kimberly


You’re Amazing

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On Tuesday, I had stopped in at Rutter’s (of all places!) to grab a coffee after ministering in Biglerville that afternoon. While walking to the coffee bar, I had passed an employee who was kneeling on the floor and restocking items on a nearby sales rack. As I passed, I felt like I heard the Lord say, "She has lower back pain." The moment I heard His voice, I spun on my heel to turn around, walked right up to her and said, "I know this is going to sound crazy, but do you have lower back pain?" She stood up, looking confused, but replied, "Yes. How did you know that?" I said, "God told me." This resulted in even more confusion as she fumbled for words. She then said, "Wait… Don told you?” (Don was apparently an employee as well). I laughed, now understanding the source of the confusion, and said, "No. God told me and the reason He does that is because He wants to heal you." Again, more confusion, but a smile came upon her face as well.
I asked her how much pain she was in by using a scale of 1-10 (1 being no pain, 10 being the worst). She answered that it was a 10. I asked if I could have her hands and she willingly placed them in mine. We prayed and the pain lessened to a 6. We prayed again and the pain lessened to a 2. By this point, she was stunned. It wasn’t the bending over that caused her pain. It was when she walked. I then asked her how it came to be that she was in so much pain. She told me that she had slipped two years ago and had been in pain ever since. We prayed once more and the pain completely left. She walked around with a smile commenting, "That’s amazing." To which I replied, "You’re amazing."

Submitted by Brian Connolly


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During Sunday worship, God gave me a word for another person in the congregation. I do not know this person very well but felt obedience was more important than knowing someone. God told me to tell this person that on Tuesday at 11:00 a person would approach her who would need encouragement and hope. I can’t wait for Sunday to hear her testimony.

Submitted by Jeff Ludwig


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"Dice." This is what I believe I heard when I asked God for a word for my waitress. With nothing else to go on, I stepped out and fumbled through my words to ask her if she liked dice. She paused for a moment to process what I said and it turned out she thought I said "spice" instead. That’s funny to me since "spice" is slang for substances used to produce experiences similar to marijuana. Also, "dice" didn’t seem to register with her so I felt a little awkward. My friends and I continued our dinner and I excused myself after we finished. While away from the table I started asking God about the "dice" and what He wanted her to know. I believe I heard, "Tell her how much I love her." Returning to the table I learned my friends already prayed with her, but there was a window where I could share with her too. "I believe God wants you to know how much He loves you. I believe He also wants you to know that He wasn’t playing dice; He wasn’t gambling when He made you….." and I shared other words of encouragement about destiny and uniqueness. She was thankful for what I shared and got back to her work load. It didn’t seem like there was a giant impact, but I believe God can use what was shared. Also, I’m praying that now "dice" comes up in her life in so many ways that she undeniably sees God’s hand in reminding her how much He loves her.

Submitted by Matthew

Not A Church Guy

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Wow, again!!! Went to the garage to pick up my SUV after inspection and the mechanic comes out… I thought he’d had a stroke. The whole right side of his face was drooping. I asked what happened and he said he has Bell’s Palsy. No one else was there, very odd, so I said, Paul, if you don’t mind I’d like to pray for you. He said he didn’t mind, he just wasn’t a church guy. He held out his hands and I held them and thanked Papa for his life and skills and for quick,complete healing in Jesus. Before I left, I asked if he felt any different. He said no, but he would tomorrow!!! Wow!!! Can’t wait to hear this story’s end …

Submitted by Robin

Answered Prayers

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I am fairly new to Praise Community Church. This past Sunday in church a lady announced that she and others that she introduced were prayer warriors for the church on Tuesdays. And if we had any kind of need or prayer request then we should write it down on a card and put it in the offering basket. I decided to take her up on that offer. I wrote down that I needed prayer for my finances because I am a struggling single mother. I also wrote that I needed prayer for my relationship with my 11 year old daughter. My daughter and I have been at odds for a while now and our relationship has been horrible.

I had SO MUCH FAITH that something was going to happen because I came out of my shell and asked for prayer and wasn’t shy about it. My FAITH seemed to work miracles. I began to see things happen even before Tuesday, before anyone even prayed for my family or me.

On Sunday evening, I received my daughter back from a weekend away with my sister and my daughter’s cousin who is the same age. Since then she has been polite, respectful, and she seems like a totally different person. We haven’t fought once.

And then on Monday night, after I got my 6 year old son back from his father after school, I looked in his lunch box and found a check for $150 for child support. Before this, I would fight with his father and he would say that he shouldn’t have to pay child support because he watches our son before and after school for a couple hours each day. But this day… I got no fight!

And then Tuesday came. I’m not saying that any prayers sent up for me didn’t work either, because on my lunch break at work I was on Craigslist looking for a cheaper place to live because I can’t afford where I am at now. And on Craigslist I found a cheap place and I went and looked at it on Tuesday night. And tomorrow, Wednesday, I am going to hand in the application to see if I am accepted after they do all the required checks.
If it is the Lord’s will, then I will be moving soon to a place that I can more likely afford.

My 11 year old daughter, whose name is Faith, has a hard time in believing in God. I’m trying my best to help her. I told her all about this testimony, hoping that would help her see the miracles that He does. I do believe that the Lord is at work in my life. And I wanted to thank Tony Devine and his wife for their time and energy for helping my daughter and me with our problems. And I thank the Church for help paying with funds.
And I want to thank everyone who was praying for my family and me on Tuesday. Many Thanks.

Praise the Lord. He is Great!!

Submitted by Jennifer Hickman

A Greater Power Within Us

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Sunday evening Tim slipped in the kitchen and fell flat on his back cracking his head on the hardwood floor. This caused a cut in the back of his head about 1 1/4” long. The blood was coming out from under his head forming a puddle about 10” in diameter. I was about to call 911 when I felt a peace come over me and heard, “pray for him”. I started to pray for the gash in his head and anything broken. I prayed for the muscles in his body not knowing if he was able to get up.

I took a handful of wet paper towels and put them on his head and it stopped bleeding immediately. This was a head injury and recalling how much a head bleeds when cut open, I couldn’t believe after seeing that puddle of blood there was no bleeding. Tim stood up and he said he was fine. Tim has a Cochlear implant and he was afraid he might have damaged the implanted mechanism. The Cochlear device flew off of his head when he hit the floor. We found the pieces and put it back together and praise the Lord he could hear.
Praise God. I should have been sitting in an emergency room Sunday evening, but we have a greater power within us called the Holy Spirit.

Submitted by Alice Bower

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