Not My Back Pain

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I was standing in Rutter’s on N. Hills Rd, waiting for my breakfast wrap when I began to notice my back was killing me. I kept twisting around trying to self-adjust the stiffness in my back when I realized I never get a sore back, especially right in the middle like that. I began to look around to see if someone else was having back pain. "Does anyone have back pain right now?" is what I have always wanted to yell in the middle of a store when I feel like I have a "word of knowledge" from God but I didn’t do that. (One day soon, I suppose). I began to talk to the employees individually, and when I got to the second one–the one making my wrap–she said, "yes I have back pain right now." We prayed, and then she began to tell me about her arthritis in her hands and then we prayed for that. She was getting backed up in orders so I thanked her for letting me pray for her and left.

Submitted by Adam Bower


Holy Spirit Can Handle It

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Yesterday, a young woman from the City came in. She had been touched by God previously in this church one day while we were playing basketball. Her boyfriend was playing and someone got a word of knowledge and prayed for her and she was healed. She came in again because her back pain was preventing her from working. I prayed for her and she was instantly healed, her L4 and L5 in her back was bone on bone. She told me all of the things going on in her life, and it was horrible. I asked her if she knew Jesus and she said she went to church and has taken communion before. I explained John 1 to her about God’s love. I then said a salvation prayer out loud for her and at the end she said "Yes." She was too shy to pray out loud. Its amazing she said yes to Jesus. I then told her that I don’t have to try and fix all her problems Holy Spirit lives in her and is going to handle, lead, guide, and comfort her. She was pretty pumped by the end.

Submitted by Adam Bower


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The other week we had movers bring a couch we had ordered to our house. I had prayed and asked God if there was anything going on with these two gentlemen, and I saw a leg. I asked him which one and it was the one out in the truck, I could just sense it. I asked again what part of the leg and I could feel a tingle around my knee. I went up to the one guy and asked if is buddy was having issues with his legs. He said, "his knee has been bothering him all day." I prayed for him quickly on his way out. Later on he came back to get his tool that he left behind and he said his knee was a lot better. Praise God.

Submitted by Adam Bower

In the Face of the Storm

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Sunday morning during first service, Praiseland joined with Rise and Shine. Sue taught about lies people tell us versus truth we know from God. I taught on not listening to bad news, but believing in the Good News. With Hurricane Sandy bearing down on us, there was no shortage of bad news to be heard. There usually isn’t. But Jesus once ordered a storm to stop, and it did. So eleven little believing hearts and four older ones shouted to the storm through an open window, “In Jesus’ name, go away! In Jesus’ name, go away! In Jesus’ name, go away!” Nine more little believing hearts echoed in the second service. We believed the hurricane would go out to sea. It didn’t. But later that afternoon a news report on TV showed how the storm front stalled over Lancaster County for a couple hours. Now people might have us believe the lie that this was just a coincidence. Meteorologists may have us believe the lie that a Canadian storm held the hurricane back and nothing more. The fact is, the truth is, that we believed God gave us the power to send that hurricane back into the sea, and we saw a glimpse into the manifestation of faith interfacing with the natural world. God bless the little children.

Submitted by Chris

God’s Business


I believe the Lord wants me to share a testimony of God’s divine provision in my life. Back in February or March of this year, I went to my CPAs and dropped off all the documents necessary for my corporate & personal taxes to get done. When he was done, he contacted me so I could pick everything up. This was around the middle of the month of March. To my surprise, and by the grace of God, I actually made more than the previous year (I wasn’t really paying much attention through out the year as to how much income my business was generating) which caused an increase in the amount of taxes due (I was making quarterly tax estimated payments) for the year 2011 and the 1st quarterly tax estimated payment was also adjusted to reflect the changes.

To make a long story short, I was stuck with a federal tax bill of $3846 and a state tax bill of $420 for the year 2011 taxes and my 1st quarterly tax estimated payment was adjusted, which ended up being $975 MORE for the federal taxes and $110.00 MORE for the state taxes than what I was used to paying. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any money saved up because I’ve been living week to week trying to pay my bills and paying off debts. All of the taxes were due on April 15th. So here I was, faced with an additional $5351 in taxes that I wasn’t counting on or didn’t even think about when I dropped off the documents with my CPA. I had about 1 month left.

So I simply prayed and asked the Lord to help me get through the month and help me get my taxes paid on time so I wouldn’t run into any problems with the tax agencies. And as God’s Word tells us in Matthew 6:25-34 I tried NOT to worry about the whole situation, but instead put my trust and confidence in God because I know that my Father is awesome and loves me and has the power to save as well as provide for my needs. As I expected, the Lord came to my rescue!! For a period of about 5 or 6 weeks, my business supernaturally skyrocketed from the middle of March to around April 24th. I was getting so many orders in my business during that period, I couldn’t even believe it. I had never seen anything like that before!! And as you can suspect, all of my taxes were paid on time and I was also able to get all of my regular living expenses paid on time as well.

The Lord is mighty to SAVE and PROVIDE for His children!!

Submitted by Anonymous

Heart of Gratitude

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I’ve hesitated writing this all week until I was driving home from church today. It’s more a testimony of what I got to see God do than what I participated in.

I had the opportunity to sit with and love on a young woman last week at the end of the service. When all the rest of the church seemed to be getting rocked with the joy and laughter of God, it seemed as if her world was completely crashing in. Been there, done that…and I can tell you it’s not so easy. After a period of time, and a few loving saints pouring in and praying, she suddenly got up and was ready to get out to her husband.
I’d thought several times about how I would handle seeing her this morning. I didn’t know how she’d receive my presence. If she was still having a tough time, or feeling embarrassed or ashamed, then I’d be the last one she’d want to see. Or possibly, things were ‘better in the morning’ so to speak, and she’d want to see me. Hallelujah, it was the latter. And funny part it is, since I was a bit late, I was so concentrated on finding a seat that I didn’t even give seeing her a thought until I looked up and saw her. Thankfully I saw that bright smile on her face with a heart of gratitude that comes from a good God encounter – which she told me came the next day. It usually happens, that when He brings us to the point that we can’t do anything but lay everything at His feet (and more than likely that relates to us obliterated, exposed and raw, in a puddle at His feet of tears, snot and tissues), that when we’ve ‘recovered’ from the washing we are energized and feeling a whole lot more hopeful and lighter. Such was the case for her.

But what happened today is the reason I’m taking the time to tell the story. At the end of the second service, Pastor Adam called out several healing needs and asked those to stand who needed the prayers. Then he asked who wanted to pray, and had them come up to the front. I went up with a bunch and waited for those who were going to come up for prayer. As I waited, I turned, thinking I was the last one in line, because I knew that the one sitting behind me in service had stood up for one of the needs. Here to my very pleasant surprise, was this same young woman! Oh and the look on her face was so precious! She looked nervous and excited. I don’t know if she’s ever gone up to pray for people before. It was if she was compelled to be there, almost as if she didn’t really have a choice, and yet gratefully jumping out of the boat. But what really sticks with me, is the radiance that shone on her face. Her smile radiated all the gratitude she had in her heart for the things God had done this week. Freely you receive, now freely give. That was the immediate thought I had. God is so good!

Submitted by Regina

Not a Common Cold

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The other week I was at my Mom’s just hanging out for the afternoon. As we began to leave I noticed my mom was laying down and not really acting normal. I said "mom I’m leaving." She responded "Ok. Sorry, I think I’m getting a cold." I simply replied, "You do not need to get sick, It’s not average or a common cold. In fact God never intended it to be in your body. Believe that you are healed and so have that healing." That Sunday I stopped over at my parents’ again and it came to my mind. I asked my mom, "hey by the way did you get sick last week?" She answered, "You know what? I actually did not." Thank you so much God. For by his stripes we are healed. Period. Nothing more is needed.

Submitted by Zach Bear

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