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Six months ago I went in for my yearly mammogram. I had been having a great deal of pain on my left side so they made sure to look closely. Right after my mammogram they gave me an ultrasound because they found a lump in my left breast. The doctor said it was small but he wanted to see me again in six months to see if it has changed in size or shape. When I returned home and told my husband he wanted to pray for me. As my husband prayed I could feel my pain greatly decrease. As the months went by a few others from our church also prayed for me. When the time for my next exam was getting close, I must admit I was letting some fear creep back in. I thank the Lord so much for my husband. He has been so wonderful and supportive and has continued to pray for me. On Friday, November 30th, I went in for my mammogram. Well when the doctors came out they said it did not grow, and in fact they could no longer see any lump. Praise God!! I have heard of healings but this one was so personal. Our Lord gave me abundantly more than I even asked for. Daddy God told me that day He loved me and had many plans for me. I praise God and give him all the Glory!!! Thank you Lord.

Submitted by Lynda & Gary Folk



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I was at a small diner in northern York county with my good friend and boss. Our server came over and we saw that she had scars all up and down her arms. It was very obvious that she was a cutter. Not wanting to upset her, I asked another server about it and she said that the girl has had a very rough childhood and life and that she used to indeed cut herself. She said that she had awful self esteem and no identity. So I said thank you. Later I asked our server, Danica, to come over to our table when she had a minute. She came over and I asked her if I could pray for her. I explained that I believe that God loves everyone and has a plan for everyone and that I would just like to speak some truths over her and break off some "junk." She said ok. I took her hands in mine and they were cold and felt almost lifeless. I prayed that God would give her a touch and reveal his plan for her life to her. Then we broke off chains that she was allowing to hold her down and the bondage of her past. I spoke over her that God is going to have her speaking to women who have the same kind of troubles and that cut themselves. That she is going to be an example or proof to them that through Daddy’s love and grace she was set free and that they will be too. Afterwards she was so happy and thrilled. She excitedly shared that her mom and her moved here from California and that her Mom had gone through New Life For Girls and now in fact works there. She said that they have asked her to come and be part of the program and then she may be able to speak to other woman. It was confirmation for her. It was great, you could see the release in her!

Submitted by Steve Snyder

A Second Encounter

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Friday night, I stopped at Giant after work. There was an older lady in one of the motorized carts in the aisle, and I struck up a conversation with her. (I thought I had seen her around before and am usually very good with remembering names and faces but I couldn’t place her for sure). Anyway, after helping her find what she was looking for, I asked her if she was doing all right. She then told me she had a knee replacement in her knee a while ago (I think 6 months to a year ago) but she said that was doing well now and her knee doesn’t hurt her at all (any more). She then was telling me about her hip. She had hip replacement surgery and 1 or 2 other surgeries on her hip and has problems with that. After talking with her a few minutes she sped away on her cart and I didn’t act quickly enough to pray for her. So, before I checked out, I took a lap through the store and saw her back at the meat area looking at the beef. I walked up to her and said “Ma’am would you mind if I prayed for you/your hip?” She looked at me and smiled and said "you prayed for me another time in here." That was cool, and that was why she was familiar to me. She then said to me "I emailed my friend that same night you prayed for me and told her that a guy prayed for me in Giant that day!"

I must admit, I was both excited and humbled that she remembered. I did then remember praying for her knee (and hip) several months earlier, it was probably 3 or 4 months ago I’d say (and do remember her telling me about a recent knee replacement and pain when I prayed for her a few months back). I kind of got the sense she didn’t really want or feel I needed to pray again, so I just put my hand on her shoulder and I said to her "I’m really believing that your hip is going to be healed in Jesus’ name and you’ll have no more pain in Jesus’ name." I declared that, blessed her and headed to the check-out.

What’s cool is that at first the enemy was whispering well she wasn’t healed anyway when you prayed before, but then i quickly thought "yeah but she got loved and was loved." However, driving home, the Spirit reminded me that the lady said her knee has felt good and she doesn’t have pain, and I was reminded that I prayed for her knee several months ago and I believe God healed her on that day! (And the bottom line is that she got loved!!)

On a side note, we were also listening to Pastor Joseph Prince recently. Many healing miracles follow Pastor Prince and his Gospel of Grace ministry. He was talking about how, many times, when he goes to pray for someone, the enemy whispers something to him like well what if it doesn’t happen, and then he rises up in faith and says well what if it does happen. There will be a great testimony of Jesus and His love for that person. I was reminded of him saying that as I was driving home from Giant that night. We shouldn’t listen to the enemy when he says stuff like what if something doesn’t happen. We should press in and think about the testimony that will come from us stepping out in faith!!

Submitted by Anonymous

You Are Peace

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Two weeks ago, I was talking with someone. I know her fairly well, but don’t know her super well. She is a Christian but I wanted to share a little more about identity in Christ, God’s character/nature, and a lot of the things God’s revealed to me in the last year or two. Anyway, she was opening up and telling me about how she is worrying about a few things and how she’s prayed/been praying for God to help her not to worry about the situation, etc. Pretty quickly, I said to her; "Well you are peace and have peace since the Holy Spirit lives in you and since He is peace and is in you, you are peace and have peace as well." I think she was a bit taken back at first but then began to nod her head and she said yeah that’s true and it was kind of like a light bulb went off for her. Praise the Lord! I thank Jesus that I was able to share that truth and encourage her. I look forward to more opportunities to share in the future as well!

Submitted by Anonymous

God Provided

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Brittany and I were in a situation where we needed to move, which we both knew was God’s will. So we found an apartment that was a great deal and we even got discounts for some reason (God). So it came to a point that we needed about four hundred dollars to hold the apartment, which we did not have. So we prayed about it and trusted God to provide. Sure enough He did. A family was actually saving for a few weeks and they felt led to give to us. Wow God. Next step to move on the 1st we needed about one thousand dollars for security deposit and rent. We continued to believe that God would provide. We were very encouraged by listening to Adam on Wednesday night. Thursday at about 3pm a family friend called and asked how much money we needed. We told her about one thousand all together but we could make it with six hundred. She goes, "you need 1400?" “No, no six hundred,” we replied. "Oh just take fourteen hundred." Thank you God!

Submitted by Zach & Brittany Bear