Holy Provider

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There is an 82-year-old lady who lives in my apartment complex, and who I say hi to every now and then. I’ve asked her to come to church, but she says that she wouldn’t know what to wear. Well she called me to ask if her 45-year-old daughter could stay with me for 2 weeks. My reply was that there is no bed in the 2nd bedroom. My neighbor had no room in her apartment and said that her daughter could sleep on the floor. I told her that I would need to pray about this, since I did not know the daughter at all.

I called the daughter and asked to meet her—the friends she was staying with told her she must be out of their house. I told her that I’d call her on Thursday around noon to discuss meeting her, after I walked my dog. On the walk I prayed, “Holy Spirit what do you want me to do?” Holy Spirit said, "do not refuse!"

I met the daughter. She had come home from Arizona, and her friend in Arizona texted her not to return. She has no job, no car, and no money. She will be living with me for 3 months. Her Pennsylvania friends gave her a bed. She prays! She has now stopped smoking! Please pray she gets a job soon.

The irony of this testimony is in November I came down with panic anxiety and prayed for someone to be here with me. I no longer have the panic! Praise God. And, of course God’s got the timing down for more than one situation. Let’s give our Lord all the glory. Amen.

In closing, I lost my job. But God prepared me for this 3 years ago financially.
As of 1/14/13 I am eligible for unemployment. God’s hand is not too short and He sure can multiply. More Glory Messiah, King of Kings, Holy Provider!

Submitted by Kassie


The Body of Christ

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There is a testimony I’ve been wanting to share for quite some time at our church, and I finally have a computer, so I can (another testimony in and of itself)! I had been praying and believing for my husband’s salvation from the time I was born again. At times it seemed like it would never happen, but I kept holding onto the words God had given to me one day when I was praying in the Spirit on my way to work: "Jesus has my Jason." One day, following a marriage ceremony at our church, the couple invited people to share with them words of encouragement, etc. I told them how their marriage had encouraged me to continue standing in faith for my husband’s salvation, and that one day that would be me and my husband. On July 8, 2012, as my mother was being baptized, my husband accepted the Lord Jesus as his Savior. After two-plus years of prayer and and believing, God proved His faithfulness as my husband was welcomed into the Body of Christ! Nothing has been more monumental in growing my faith than that. For anyone who is praying for a loved one to be born again, I hope that this testimony is an encouragement to stand on the Word of God which says that "you and your household will be saved"–not can be saved, but WILL be saved. God is FAITHFUL to bring about all of His promises in our lives. I haven’t found one that He hasn’t kept yet! Nothing is more telling of God’s love and power for us than another one of His children entering in to the kingdom of Heaven. Praise the Lord–He is good!

Submitted by Sarah Torrez

Birds of the Air

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At Christmas, we received $400 from some friends of ours at church. When my husband and I prayed about what to do with the money, God told us one simple instruction: "Give." So we did. We gave it all as we felt led. Then, on Christmas Eve, we got another $100 as a gift. That in itself, is testimony enough of His goodness, but the story didn’t end there. For the next three weeks, we watched as paycheck after paycheck from my husband’s job was far less than expected. We didn’t even have enough money to pay our bills. We had only enough for groceries and gas, and I knew we were being tested. Did we truly believe that we were more valuable than the birds of the air? Then on Wednesday, my mom called me and asked if she could take me grocery shopping the next day. God had blessed her, and she wanted to give back. $350 later, we left the grocery store. I had gone about $50 over what she said she had to give, but she insisted I not worry about it. When we arrived back at my home, she handed me an envelope, and said, "Here’s the other part of your surprise–it’s $50 short!" When my husband and I finally opened the envelope later and counted, there was $950! She had bought us at least a month’s worth of groceries, and had given us $1,000! Praise God! He is so good, and so FAITHFUL!! I was so overwhelmed by His goodness, and faithfulness, there was nothing left for me to do but weep and repent. Why had I ever thought otherwise? Praise the Lord, He cares for us!

Submitted by Sarah Torrez

Prayer and Fasting

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At the January 9th Discipleship class, Adam spoke about prayer and fasting. He said that fasting puts you in a place of believing. I’ve recently been in a situation where I need a tremendous amount of faith, so I was inspired to fast the very next day.

There was a woman in the class who spoke up about her continued success in fasting despite being anemic. She said she began by determining to fast regardless of her condition. Her story inspired me to fast not just one day, but two days, which I’ve never attempted before. It turned out to be two of the most amazing days with God. Not only did I not experience the usual lightheadedness after one day, but I’ve been experiencing good things happening to me physically which I can’t explain (but it’s wonderful). And, better yet, I continue to experience many rhema words as I read the Bible that speak loudly to the situation I’m in. The power of the Word is piercing the darkness as I speak it. It is so cool to feel God’s Word strengthening me and filling me up with that extra measure of faith that I need, along with joy, hope and trust in Him. God is so awesome!

I would to thank the woman who shared her testimony about fasting and encourage others to share their testimonies as they feel led. You never know who you might inspire.

Submitted by Carolyn Fisher

Guardian Angel

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A few days before Christmas, I was working in my kitchen and my daughter Elana was playing with checkers and a checker board not far away in our family room. I walked away to get something and when I came back she ran up and said,"Mom, I saw an angel!” I was excited and started asking questions to get more information. She said she looked up from her game and down the hall and she saw something. She said at first she thought it was me because the angel was about my size and had dark hair, but she said it was a boy and his hair was short. She touched her neck close to her chin to show how long the hair was. She said his clothes were white and he had wings, but not that thing on the head and I figured out she meant he didn’t have a halo. She said that he was moving his hands a little bit by his side and she showed me the motion which looked to me like the motion someone would do if they were floating on their back and were trying not to sink. It was the motion where you keep turning your hands over, first palm down then palm up, etc. I asked why he was here, if he had a message or something, and she said "no, he was just watching me", so we are thinking that maybe he was a guardian angel.

Submitted by Rebecca Meekins


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On Friday nights, teens and young adults who are hungry to know more of God get together. Zach usually preaches (bless his heart, he is amazing and passionate) and then we play some worship music and pray for one another and just soak in the presence. This past Friday, one of the guys who comes brought 3 new friends and as soon as they walked in the room they were like, "Dude I can just feel something in this place, it is historic." I just smiled because I know the feeling. It is God’s presence in His simple beauty. As I was sitting listening to Zach speak, God started talking to me about one of the guys there. He was telling me that something was wrong with this young man’s dad. I said to God, "Tell me more,,," So He did. God continued to tell me that his dad was sick. I kept asking God for more information until I had gathered that his dad was sick, something serious, and something is wrong with his lungs. I was excited and nervous all at the same time to get this word. I often see or hear things for people and I am tired of keeping it to myself. So I wanted to tell the guy this word but then I stopped one more time to say to my Father, "What else should I say? I mean there is no hope in me just telling him that God knows his dad is sick…" Of course our Father, who is most faithful told me to tell the guy to pray for his dad everyday until he believes that he will be healed and then he will be healed, simple. After worship I just had to share, I couldn’t wait to say something. I was a little reluctant to be so specific but I wasn’t wasting my whole detailed conversation with God! I just started telling him what the Father was telling me in front of everyone and before I could even finish he had dropped to his knees, praying and praising God. He was in awe as he told us that his dad has been in the hospital for 2 weeks with pneumonia. Right then and there he just thanked God and recommitted to Him and getting to know him on a deeper level than ever before. He was spiritually awakened! Two of his friends just dropped to their knees, humbly praising God. It was such a beautiful moment. I also continued to speak what God had told me about someone’s mother and someone going to Saudi Arabia. At the end of the night I just felt so encouraged to tell others what God wants to say to them through prophecies and words of knowledge and I pray that I have more boldness to take this outside of the church walls!

Submitted by Brittany Bear

Not Another Passerby

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I prayed for a cashier at the grocery store who had a brace on her wrist. She was clearly struggling to scan and bag groceries with one hand. I didn’t see an instant healing but I know God’s love was passed along to her that day. I just didn’t want to be another shopper who just passed her by.

Submitted by Jess Dixon

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