Mighty Little Warrior

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These testimonies are my daughter’s, but seeing as she’s 6, i thought I’d help her. My daughter EmaLee told us one day after church that during worship God spoke to her and told her that when He comes back on the clouds that He is going to give her a crown. It was awesome, because although we teach her about God, we had never told her anything about Jesus returning on the clouds, or our crowns, so we knew it was God speaking directly to EmaLee. Praise God, He’s after the hearts of our little ones, too!

A few weeks later, she and her cousin were playing, when EmaLee said she saw the two of them casting out devils just by pointing at them. I cannot wait to see what God does in the generation He is raising up for His Name’s sake! She’s 6 and already knows who she is, and the authority she has! Only through Jesus!

Submitted by Sarah Torrez


When the Sun Goes Down

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Friday night on my way home from work, it was snowing fairly hard and I was worried because Teen Lite was planned for that night. On top of that, Ryan Bastress was coming to Teen Lite. I did not want to cancel, because I really wanted our youth to hear from Ryan. As I was sitting in my car at Red Lion High School with Elijah, waiting for a student, I asked Elijah, who is three years old, if he would like to pray that the snow stops so we can still have Teen Lite. He didn’t even hesitate as he responded "No." I said, "That’s fine. I will." So I prayed a very simple and quick prayer asking God to stop the snow so our youth could learn from Ryan. After I prayed I turned around and asked Elijah if the snow would stop. He said, “it will stop when the sun goes down.” I asked, "did God tell you that?" "Yes." So we left the high school after picking up our friend and went home. As we pulled into our complex, I noticed the snow had stopped. I also noticed that the sun had just set over the hills. I told Elijah about it and we all rejoiced. The awesome thing is that not only did the storm of the century stop right when God told Elijah it would, but it did not start again that whole night. Thank you God.

Submitted by Zach Bear

Our Protector

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I was making chili before church on Sunday. After making the bacon, I was putting the burger in and the block fell into the grease causing it to splash all over the front of me including my arms and face. I grabbed paper towels to soak up the burning grease while saying, “Jesus, help me!” After blotting most of it up and grabbing ice cubes to run over my face, I kept praying and thanking God that I would not have to go to the ER. In a few moments most of the pain was gone. Today, the day after, the worst problem I have had is some tenderness on my eyelids where some of the grease splashed. I am so thankful that God protects us when life or the devil tries to kill, steal, and destroy. No one in church even noticed any red marks and my face was covered in hot bacon grease! God is awesome!

Submitted by David

Jesus Freak


I have fought for some time with how to walk as a Christian at work so others see my life and just know Jesus walks with me. I don’t believe I need to be a Jesus-Freak, just a light. I have asked God for many years and through many jobs to show me how.
This week I had an awesome opportunity to walk as Jesus-through-David at work. There is a manager who I believe might be a Christian. I came home for lunch and felt led to write a note of encouragement. I believed God told me to tell him to walk with integrity, mercy and compassion, that the Father saw him and was proud of him, and to not get discouraged because things looked bad.

I wrote the note and stuck it in my pocket. Several times I went on walks to try and find him in the warehouse, but always others were around. Once I took the letter down to his office but he was talking to another supervisor and there were some f-bombs going off. Now I paused—this man is not showing fruit. I could get in trouble giving God-notes to managers.

Finally right before leaving, he was outside the bathroom and I told him I felt led to write something at lunch and not to get weirded out, just take it with a grain of salt. (What does that mean?) He read it and I ran off. But as I was leaving he was reading the note, and while walking with two others, he waved and said thanks.

As I was driving home, God reminded me that Jesus was not a freak. He was simply Jesus-walking-as-Jesus on this earth. The only identity I have to take on is David-walking-as-Jesus on this earth. I don’t have to be afraid. I just have to love people however the Father shows. I plant or water and God causes the increase. I have no clue what the note did to that man that day. But someone knows God loves them enough to ask another guy to pass him God-notes at work.

Submitted by David