Hiccups No More

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Two nights ago, right before bed, my wife got the hiccups. Now when she gets the hiccups, they often last for over an hour, and often times several hours. After 2 or 3 hiccups, I prayed hiccups no more in Jesus’ name. The hiccups left and were gone; we were excited and thankful. Pretty cool. Thank you Jesus!! (Sometimes when I pray, I wonder if I have enough faith. However that night as I prayed, I wasn’t wondering if I had enough faith, I was seeing Jesus in His grace and I put my faith in His grace, and of course, that was enough!) Thanks God for no more hiccups and therefore the ability to go to sleep quickly and get a good night of sleep!!

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His Body Was Beaten for Ours


Friday night, I attended a service in Mechanicsburg and there was a time of prayer for the sick afterwards. I had the opportunity to pray for a lady with physical problems and pain. She had problems/pain in her neck, upper back, and shoulders. I prayed one time and the pain got significantly better. I prayed a 2nd time and it got even better. There was still just a little pain, but overall much better. So I asked her if I could pray a third time, and after that time her pain was gone. Praise the Lord! She was lifting her arms, moving them around and had no pain in the neck, shoulders, or upper back! As I was praying I was just thanking Jesus that He had paid the price for this pain and that His body was whipped and beaten for these very pains and conditions. Praise Him that she is no longer in pain!

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Changed Life

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I was sitting here on my computer, checking Facebook an just reading through the news feed when I received a message on Facebook. The message said "Two months ago on this day ya’ll changed my life!!!!! Thanks for everything you have done and what you will do Zach and Brittany!!!!!" Blew me away. This person wrote this because they remembered that two months ago today was the first time they ever came to teen lite and they have never been the same since. Its amazing how God changes lives with such quickness and accuracy. The part about this testimony that hit me the most is the fact that God had it planed for the perfect day just when he knew I was doubting teen lite and the outreaches that I do. I thank you God for words of encouragement. May your love flow freely from all who have been changed by your love. Amen

Submitted by Zach & Brittany Bear

To See Her Smile

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Sunday night we had the awesome chance to meet with Brittany’s grandmother, who is a Christian but has been slightly depressed due to circumstances. We met with her and prayed with her for the pains she was experiencing, and just to see her smile and know that someone cares is enough to make my week. I love how God prompts the mind and heart to love.

Submitted by Zach & Brittany Bear


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Sunday we received a phone call from Elizabeth’s grandmother. She asked if we could help her get closer with God. She was asking this because she has seen the difference God made in Elizabeth’s life. So we decided that night to drive down to her house. In talking with Sandy (the grandmother), we became aware of her many physical ailments. We began laying on hands and praying. First for the knees. As we stopped praying for the knees and asked Sandy how she felt, she told us that her back felt completely better. Wow didn’t really expect it like that, we hadn’t prayed for her back yet. She also told us that she felt a heat in her knees, and before we left she said she felt different, at peace and comforted. That’s God!!!

Submitted by Zach & Brittany Bear

Encounter at the Cemetery

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I am not a member of Praise Community Church, as I live 3 hours away, But I will be visiting about once a month. SO I hope it is ok to post a testimony on your site. I posted this on a ‘Pursuit Alumni FB Group’ where we are dong much the same thing: sharing testimonies to encourage each other to go out and share the love of God with those outside the 4 walls of the church. I then felt to share it on my own Facebook page, and the interesting thing is that I have non-Christian Facebook friends “liking” it…I hope it is ok to share it here…original post – Saturday March 2, 2013.

The 26-year-old daughter of a co-worker passed away this week, and the funeral was today. As I got in my car to drive away from the cemetery, I noticed someone sitting on the cold wet ground at a grave site. I heard The Lord tell me to stop and go talk to her and pray for her. I kept going, but the closer I got to the exit, the more intense the pull was to go back. Instead of exiting, I followed the roads around the cemetery back to where she was. I parked and quietly approached her. I squatted down, and introduced myself, and told her that I was there for a funeral and as I left, The Lord had me turn around and come back to her. I asked her if I could pray for her. She looked shocked and said,’I would like that.’ The prayer started out general (not hard to figure out how to start off when you are praying for someone at a cemetery), but then The Lord started giving me details, not only of her mother, whose grave we were at, but about her, and some things she was feeling, and going through…. Turned out that our lives, in relation to our moms, were very similar. This woman I was praying for was a Christian, but this kind of encounter still freaked her out a little. She told me she was just sitting here, talking to The Lord about some of the very things I mentioned and was asking Him questions that I came along and addressed…

We hugged for so long…she thanked me for obeying The Lord, as she needed to hear some of those things…and needed to know God was intimately interested with even the smallest of daily events or thoughts in her life!

Friends, all it takes is a few moments to love on people…and tell them God loves them and cares about them…As you go, and step out, He will give you the rest…you will bless others but be so much more greatly blessed than the ones you are praying for….

Doreen from NJ

Dancing Flames and Papa’s Eyes

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Wow! What a sweet experience on Saturday afternoon at Modeling Communion. I would encourage anyone to come. I want to share what I experienced.

I saw dancing flames! They moved closer to me, then receded. They flared up, then exploded. They were individual, then joined together. They were bright, but not difficult to look upon. I don’t know if this was the Holy Spirit or Papa’s passion for me or His love. Maybe all three! Then, amidst the flames dancing, I saw Papa’s eyes. Especially His left eye, as we were nose to nose. He just looked into me and never wavered. He didn’t blink. I could still see the flames dancing all about us. His eye was so warm and kind. I could not look away had I wanted to do so. His eyes are the deepest of browns, not quite black, speckled with gold! Reflecting the flames dancing around us, His eyes had a life of their own. Almost as if the iris was moving and changing as I stared back. Papa wants me to know the joy He has when He stares at me. The love and excitement He had at the beginning of time when He thought to make Robin! He wants me to share that love and joy with Him and my Brother, Yesu and the Holy Spirit.

I came home and drew what I saw of my Papa. It is a poor representation, but I will never forget His eyes on me. Such love and tenderness.

Submitted by Robin

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