So I was talking to our young friend, Elijah, today about God and how awesome He is. (Elijah, by the way, is three years old). I love asking Elijah what God says about someone. He will stop and ask God. Then with boldness he will tell you what God says. Very prophetic. He tells people things that no one else would know other than God. So I was sitting on the couch reading the Bible. I was reading 1 Kings 17 to Elijah. I wanted him to hear about Elijah in the Bible. In the middle of  reading, Elijah butted in: "Zach, Zach! Zach!" "Yes Elijah?" "I died with Jesus a long, long time ago." Wow, Brittany and I just looked at each other for a few seconds in awe. What an amazing young prophet for God. Can’t wait to see what his life looks like.

Submitted by Zach Bear