Encouraging Visions

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Lately during worship, I have been seeing crazy visions. God is often showing me certain people with crowns set on their heads with certain gemstones which symbolize different things. He has also been showing me the aurora borealis lights entangled with gold dust and them representing His glory. Also during worship I have been in Heaven with the Father in a deep place where amazing things are going on, I can’t even explain what all I have seen but it is just so GOOD! This is a new and refreshing level to me, as he shows me encouraging visions for people around me.

Submitted by Brittany Bear


Roaring Like A Lion

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So I had this dream where my husband and I were praying for people on the street and I saw demons in this one lady. I could see them in her eyes. I began praying them out and I started roaring like a lion in her face until my roar literally sounded like a lion’s. There was fear in her eyes. The demons were scared.

I never got to finish the dream to see if they left her or not but I do know that we have authority in us through Christ. Instead of being scared of the demonic realm, realize that Christ lives in us, and demons fear us if we understand that, because they fear Him who has overcome the world! Be the lion, not a timid mouse. Hallelujah!

This dream just so happens to go with the conviction on my heart to pray for the demonically possessed, it is just something I feel that I need to grow in more.

“For in Christ all the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form, and in Christ you have been brought to fullness. He is the head over every power and authority.” — Colossians 2:9-10

Submitted by Brittany Bear

The Runner

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This past Tuesday, I was visiting at my sister’s house. She is a runner and she told me she had pain and stiffness above her knee and hadn’t been able to run for the last two weeks. Even swimming seemed to hurt it. I offered to pray for her and she enthusiastically agreed. I prayed twice and her pain was 50% better. I was going to pray again for her before I left her place but forgot.

That evening she e-mailed me about forgetting to pray for her before I left and she said, "It can be done long distance." I prayed again (long distance), and just now she e-mailed me and said she ran three miles today and her knee was fine. Yea God!

Submitted by Carolyn Fisher

Divine Placement

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Sue and I flew to San Diego to spend time with her newly married daughter. Unfortunately our seating on the plane had been rearranged, so we could not sit together. On the first leg of the flight, Sue sat beside a pastor’s wife. They talked and encouraged each other all the way to Chicago. On the second leg I sat beside a man named Jim, who told me that he would have to get up three or four times to stretch his leg. About half way into the flight Jim got up and walked the length of the cabin several times. When he returned to his seat, I asked if he injured his knee. He had a sciatic nerve that tightened up after sitting for more than an hour or two. I asked if I could pray for him. He took my hand and said he would pray with me. I prayed for healing in Jesus’ name. Later Jim went to the bathroom near the end of the flight, and returned to take his seat without walking off pain. He was reading a book about a woman who died, went to heaven and returned, because God said she wasn’t done on earth. Before I left, I told Jim that just like the book he was reading, his leg was not done. God has a lot more life to give it. Our seating arrangement was unfortunate, but God knew just where to place his love.

Submitted by Chris

Mental Afflictions Will Vanish

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Mike Hutchings word regarding bipolar disorder & schizophrenia being healed as soon as those afflicted walk through the doors at Praise reminded me that I had a testimony I hadn’t even thought to share before. Beginning at age 19, I had been diagnosed with multiple mental disorders, particularly bipolar disorder and generalized anxiety disorder. I had been on medication most of my adult life off and on. Per the suggestion of my primary doctor, I went to see a psychiatrist again last year. I happened to find the same psychiatrist I had seen who had diagnosed me with the above conditions. After my evaluation, he told me that I no longer exhibited the symptoms of bipolar disorder! The same doctor who told me I had bipolar disorder, was now telling me that I didn’t have it! What was the difference? JESUS!!! Between the first evaluation and the second, I had accepted Jesus as my Savior. I hadn’t done anything differently with my medication. In fact, most of those years, I hadn’t even taken it! The only difference was Jesus in my life, literally renewing my mind! Praise God!! About that same time, I made the decision to quit my job, and attend Bible school. Toward the end of my time at the unemployment office where I worked, I had been taking medication for my anxiety disorder almost daily. Within a month, I stopped talking it all together! I had no need for it anymore. Jesus had brought healing and deliverance once again! Now, 6 months later, I still haven’t taken any medication, and I have no symptoms! Praise Jesus, I’m healed!!!

Submitted by Sarah Torrez

Parental Love

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Being a first-time new mom, the desire to care for and protect my newborn son is quite strong. So when he hurts or is in pain, I obviously want him to be healed. Yesterday, his left eye began to secrete white-yellowish drainage which got progressively worse quite quickly, along with redness and swelling of his eye. Being in the health care profession, I had an idea of what it was, but I also chose to pray for healing for his eye. And in a few hours, before I could employ any medical intervention, the drainage slowed, then stopped and the redness and swelling resolved completely!
Thank You, Jesus for loving and caring for my son more than I could ever even imagine!

Submitted by Tanya

The Strength of My Heart

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Several years ago I was diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation. I would have "episodes" maybe twice a year. Last March of 2012 I went to the doctor for a regular check up and I was in AFib. Then we did a stress test which almost killed me, as well as a catherization, and it was discovered that I was in AFib all the time. The cardiologists advised me to have a pacemaker implanted. I had several people pray for me and Frank M. had a word of knowledge about irregular heartbeat and prayed for me. Brian prayed for me and he had a word that I would not need the pacemaker and that I would not get a pacemaker. I kept praying that God is the strength of my heart and that He would heal me and give me a new heart. I felt led to get a second opinion and the new cardiologist after reviewing the test and doing some himself came to the conclusion that at this time he could not see the need for a pacemaker and advised that I could go back to exercising . Also the other doctors had told me I had a very weak heart. This doctor said it was a little weak but not overly weak. I give Jesus the glory for being the strength of my heart and healing me. Thank you Brian for being obedient to tell me I did not need a pacemaker. Thank you.

Submitted by Mary Ann Slates