Seeing to Believing

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I recently returned home from Guatemala, where God did amazing things!!! We saw the lame walk, a mute man speak praises to Jesus, and an "immobile," damaged arm move. We saw a man who once couldn’t hear out of one ear, receive the Gospel in that same ear. We saw the sick recover: sore throats, stomach aches, and headaches leave in Jesus’ Name. We saw the oppressed set free, and the once-alcoholic, now born again and filled with the Holy Spirit, lead another man to Jesus. We saw people born again into the kingdom of God, and reconciliation where there was once no home. We saw those who were once unsure of their salvation, become sure, and the power of the Holy Spirit move. We saw people filled with the Holy Ghost immediately speak in tongues, and the lost, hurt, and abandoned orphan receive the love, joy and peace of the Lord. Praise God! Queen Sheba said to king Solomon that she did not believe the report she had heard of him in her own land, until she saw it for herself, and that when she did see it, it was even more than what she had heard (1 Kings 10). The same was true for me–it took seeing God use me, to believe that He wanted to, and when He did, it was beyond any expectation I could have had! He is SO good, and He wants to use YOU to show it! He’s not waiting until you go on a mission trip to use you, either. He loves those of us in the States as much as anyone else. You already have a mission field. He’s calling you to advance His kingdom. If you don’t, who will? I am no different than anyone else… You can believe that He will use YOU. He promises that His Word NEVER returns void–NEVER!!! There’s always a harvest of some sort. Take Him at His Word that "these signs shall follow those that believe…" because they will. His Word is Truth, and the world (even our neighbors) need to hear it. What if you could be the one God uses to change their eternal destiny? You’ll never know, if you never try. Step out in faith, and let Him use you to shine His light before men, that they may see your good deeds, and glorify your Father in heaven. Amen!

Submitted by Sarah Torrez


In An Elevator

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Wanted to share this testimony from a couple of days ago in a hotel:

As I was getting ready to come up the elevator, I came across these two ladies and they were trying to get ice from the front desk. I asked if they were ok and the one lady had burned her hand on the waffle iron at the breakfast. I got to talking to them for a couple minutes and she was saying she’d be alright and this would pass and then said something about Passover (making a joke). I didn’t catch it at first and they then said they were Jewish (I assume not Messianic-Jews believing in Jesus but wasn’t 100% sure of that. I figured they weren’t Christian-Jewish). I held the elevator for them and going up I had a boldness come and I told the ladies: "I am a Christian and have seen Jesus do some cool things and would you mind if I pray for you/for your hand." She paused a moment and said, “no that’s fine, prayer is always good.” So I prayed and thanked God for her and I said "thanks Jesus for paying a price for this burn. Skin be healed in Jesus’ name." It was cool. I actually missed my stop on the elevator because I was praying, so I had to go back down. No big deal. Anyway, they said that was really nice and thanked me. I didn’t really ask her if she felt better but am believing she was healed. I was hoping to see her the next morning and wanted to ask how her skin/hand was but didn’t see her, but am believing she is well now and knows that Jesus healed her.

Submitted by Anonymous