Entertaining Strangers

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This past Thursday I had a doctor appointment in York that required my husband, Matt, to go with me. He normally would not be awake at this time because he works 3rd shift. After the appointment, Matt took me out to lunch and then we had to stop in Shrewsbury to pick up his wallet that he had left in his car which our daughter Karah had taken to work that morning. Anyway, on our way home we passed an older gentleman walking along the busy road. He was trying to hitch a ride. I looked at him and our eyes connected but I drove on by. I really was not in the mood to pick anyone up. I was in a lot of pain from the doctors appointment, was irritable and feeling sick, and just wanted to get home. But I only got a few seconds away before Holy Spirit prompted me to ask Matt a question. I asked Matt if he would have picked him up had he been driving by himself. His answer was yes. Matt has done this quite a lot in the past when the Holy Spirit has prompted him to and has even entertained an angel along the way on one of those many adventures. 🙂 So, I drove just a little further because I really didn’t want to stop but once again Holy Spirit would not let up. So I asked Matt, do you want me to turn around and pick him up? I ordinarily would have not even thought about asking him that, but Something within just couldn’t drive on by. This man needed to know that someone cared for him. Matt again said yes. So, as soon as I could make a U turn, I did. We came on by him and I pulled over. Matt told him to hop on in and asked where he was headed. He said Red Lion. Of course we were already heading into Red Lion! Love how God does that. We asked him what his name was and he said Jack. Well, Jack proceeded to tell us a little bit about himself and how sad he was that he couldn’t find a job and how sad it is that he could not rely on his family but had to rely on the kindness of strangers. He told us how someone prior to us passing by had stopped only to cuss him out and say mean things to him. (So that is one of the many reasons you had us stop, huh, God??) Meanwhile, Matt is asking him all sorts of questions, because of course he is the pro at this. I was just praying and asking God what He wanted Jack to know. I kept hearing lungs…he has something wrong with his lungs. I was like okay God, I will ask him. But before I could, Matt asked him if he had anything he wanted us to pray for and Jack said he just needed a job. So Matt turned in his seat and grabbed Jack’s hand and began to pray. Then when he was finished, I asked Jack if he had anything wrong with his lungs. Jack looked at me kind of strangely and said, yes he had COPD. (Of course Jack had something wrong with his lungs… another reason to stop) I said well, God told me that you had issues with your lungs and I believe He wants to heal them so could I pray for you. Jack said yes. I finished my prayer and just told him how much God loved him. He said he believed God did love him. By this time we were almost to where we were dropping him off. I pulled the car over and Matt gave him all of our leftover food. (Funny how when we ordered lunch they gave us way too much food, most of which we hadn’t even touched.) And God told Matt to give him the money he had in his wallet. (Matt hardly ever has money in his wallet long because God is always asking him to give it away.) So he gave Jack what he had and Jack grabbed a hold of Matt and began to hug him tightly. He said, “Now look what you’ve gone and done…you have made me cry!” Such a beautiful sight. Matt told him once again how much God loved him and how he sees him…he was not forgotten. Jack walked away that day knowing that He had a Father in heaven who loved him and would provide for him always. He felt the love of the Father when we picked him up, when we listened to him, when we prayed for him, when we provided food and money for him, and in Matt’s embrace. I cried. All of this on a day (Valentine’s Day) that we never celebrate, but God knew Jack needed to know how much he was loved. And we were the ones he chose to use. I am sure glad God knows what He is doing. I am glad that Matt came with me that morning, that he decided to take me out to lunch, that he forgot his wallet so we had to go out of our way to get it, that I didn’t ignore the prompting and just continue on my way. I am glad that Holy Spirit wouldn’t let me. God is so amazingly good. I just want to encourage you all to not ignore the Holy Spirit. Be obedient even when you don’t feel like it. It will be so worth the while.

Submitted by Michelle Richardson


Guardian Angel

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A few days before Christmas, I was working in my kitchen and my daughter Elana was playing with checkers and a checker board not far away in our family room. I walked away to get something and when I came back she ran up and said,"Mom, I saw an angel!” I was excited and started asking questions to get more information. She said she looked up from her game and down the hall and she saw something. She said at first she thought it was me because the angel was about my size and had dark hair, but she said it was a boy and his hair was short. She touched her neck close to her chin to show how long the hair was. She said his clothes were white and he had wings, but not that thing on the head and I figured out she meant he didn’t have a halo. She said that he was moving his hands a little bit by his side and she showed me the motion which looked to me like the motion someone would do if they were floating on their back and were trying not to sink. It was the motion where you keep turning your hands over, first palm down then palm up, etc. I asked why he was here, if he had a message or something, and she said "no, he was just watching me", so we are thinking that maybe he was a guardian angel.

Submitted by Rebecca Meekins