Never the Same

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Over the past week I have been struggling with temptation and desire for male attention. I did almost anything to get it. I began to hate myself, but I felt like I couldn’t stop. Then, in the midst of it all, God called out to me in a dream. It was about baptism of the Holy Spirit. When Sunday came around and people were falling down & screaming, I cried because it was just like my dream and I realized that’s what I needed for me. We have "Jesus meetings" at my school and Brian came and talked and I felt God telling me to go to the church. (Tuesday night) I went. As soon as I walked in I started crying and felt God’s love on me. I cried the entire time (3 hours). Everything Brian said was clear & when he started praying for the Spirit to come down I started to shake violently and couldn’t stop. Eventually I could stand no longer. I cried through it all, sometimes so hard I knew people could hear & it was almost a scream. Other times it was soft & tears of joy. I know I will never be the same & I’m excited to spread His love!!! God is truly amazing.

Submitted by Cayla


God Heals the Brokenhearted

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On Wednesday, December 20, my friend Ted came with me from Johnstown to attend the discipleship class, “Driven.” This was the evening that Brian spoke on the baptism of the Holy Spirit and I had prayed that Ted would have an encounter with God. After the class when Brian invited folks to come forward to receive the baptism, Ted remained in his seat. I was surprised and initially disappointed that he hadn’t felt led to go forward. But to my amazement, as we were leaving Ted told me that he had felt such a strong anointing just sitting there that he didn’t even need to go forward.

After we got into the car, he looked at me in astonishment and said, “My heart doesn’t hurt anymore!” Indeed, God heals the brokenhearted! Psalm 147:3. Go God!!

Submitted by Carolyn Fisher

A Heart of Gold

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Wednesday night we decided to go to church and to our surprise Brian was teaching. Not only was he teaching but he was teaching on baptism of the Holy Spirit. The teaching was awesome but after that the Spirit of the living God was encouraged in that place. Man did it supply liberally. So as I was laying on the floor I could do nothing other than ask God for more of His presence, a greater understanding. I put my arms up and I heard God say “plug into me and I will download into you.” I plugged my right hand in like I was putting each finger in an electrical outlet. I could feel a tingling coming up and out of each finger on my left hand. I kept saying more God, pour out, we will wait for you. Then I felt God’s hand on my chest right over my heart. This sounds strange for a minute but God took my heart out and held in His other hand another heart. He said, "This is My heart, a heart of love." Then He put this heart in my chest. Then he brought to my mind the verse that says “I advise for you to purchase from me gold refined by fire with no money.” How is that possible God? Trade. Trade in what you had before for pure refined gold. That’s what He was doing on Wednesday. He traded me my heart of selfish ambition for a heart of pure love. Thank you God. You are truly amazing.

Submitted by Zach Bear

A New Creation

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I thought God told me to get the baptism ready because people are going to get baptized. So I was ready this Sunday for people to say they wanted to. Both services went by and no one said anything. I had asked Rolph, our custodian, to clean it for this very reason. This morning I got a call from Scott and Tanya and they said they had a friend who wanted to get baptized. The water was freezing but it was so encouraging at the same time. Someone became a new creation at the church this morning and God is well pleased.

Submitted by Adam Bower