Parental Love

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Being a first-time new mom, the desire to care for and protect my newborn son is quite strong. So when he hurts or is in pain, I obviously want him to be healed. Yesterday, his left eye began to secrete white-yellowish drainage which got progressively worse quite quickly, along with redness and swelling of his eye. Being in the health care profession, I had an idea of what it was, but I also chose to pray for healing for his eye. And in a few hours, before I could employ any medical intervention, the drainage slowed, then stopped and the redness and swelling resolved completely!
Thank You, Jesus for loving and caring for my son more than I could ever even imagine!

Submitted by Tanya


A Young Prophet

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So I was talking to our young friend, Elijah, today about God and how awesome He is. (Elijah, by the way, is three years old). I love asking Elijah what God says about someone. He will stop and ask God. Then with boldness he will tell you what God says. Very prophetic. He tells people things that no one else would know other than God. So I was sitting on the couch reading the Bible. I was reading 1 Kings 17 to Elijah. I wanted him to hear about Elijah in the Bible. In the middle of  reading, Elijah butted in: "Zach, Zach! Zach!" "Yes Elijah?" "I died with Jesus a long, long time ago." Wow, Brittany and I just looked at each other for a few seconds in awe. What an amazing young prophet for God. Can’t wait to see what his life looks like.

Submitted by Zach Bear

Mighty Little Warrior

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These testimonies are my daughter’s, but seeing as she’s 6, i thought I’d help her. My daughter EmaLee told us one day after church that during worship God spoke to her and told her that when He comes back on the clouds that He is going to give her a crown. It was awesome, because although we teach her about God, we had never told her anything about Jesus returning on the clouds, or our crowns, so we knew it was God speaking directly to EmaLee. Praise God, He’s after the hearts of our little ones, too!

A few weeks later, she and her cousin were playing, when EmaLee said she saw the two of them casting out devils just by pointing at them. I cannot wait to see what God does in the generation He is raising up for His Name’s sake! She’s 6 and already knows who she is, and the authority she has! Only through Jesus!

Submitted by Sarah Torrez

Guardian Angel

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A few days before Christmas, I was working in my kitchen and my daughter Elana was playing with checkers and a checker board not far away in our family room. I walked away to get something and when I came back she ran up and said,"Mom, I saw an angel!” I was excited and started asking questions to get more information. She said she looked up from her game and down the hall and she saw something. She said at first she thought it was me because the angel was about my size and had dark hair, but she said it was a boy and his hair was short. She touched her neck close to her chin to show how long the hair was. She said his clothes were white and he had wings, but not that thing on the head and I figured out she meant he didn’t have a halo. She said that he was moving his hands a little bit by his side and she showed me the motion which looked to me like the motion someone would do if they were floating on their back and were trying not to sink. It was the motion where you keep turning your hands over, first palm down then palm up, etc. I asked why he was here, if he had a message or something, and she said "no, he was just watching me", so we are thinking that maybe he was a guardian angel.

Submitted by Rebecca Meekins