At the January 9th Discipleship class, Adam spoke about prayer and fasting. He said that fasting puts you in a place of believing. I’ve recently been in a situation where I need a tremendous amount of faith, so I was inspired to fast the very next day.

There was a woman in the class who spoke up about her continued success in fasting despite being anemic. She said she began by determining to fast regardless of her condition. Her story inspired me to fast not just one day, but two days, which I’ve never attempted before. It turned out to be two of the most amazing days with God. Not only did I not experience the usual lightheadedness after one day, but I’ve been experiencing good things happening to me physically which I can’t explain (but it’s wonderful). And, better yet, I continue to experience many rhema words as I read the Bible that speak loudly to the situation I’m in. The power of the Word is piercing the darkness as I speak it. It is so cool to feel God’s Word strengthening me and filling me up with that extra measure of faith that I need, along with joy, hope and trust in Him. God is so awesome!

I would to thank the woman who shared her testimony about fasting and encourage others to share their testimonies as they feel led. You never know who you might inspire.

Submitted by Carolyn Fisher