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So, I have my oldest daughter, Shandi Hass, in college out in Chicago. Currently we are blessed to have her other Grandparents paying for her tuition. My mom and I are paying her rent, groceries, spending money and paying also for school supplies!!! VERY TIGHT BUDGET!! We just paid her rent, a bit late, but it’s paid. However, she’s a photographer and her current semester is almost over and she needed paper to print her photo project on to pass her semester. We barely made rent and her paper was going to be about $200.00. I kept believing that God would supply and bring this money to us, it was a must have!! She attended a photo fair shop and met a girl (representative for a photo company) and Shandi entered a contest and won some free paper, but not the size we needed. The women then said she is going to give her a free roll (the kind we needed) and it would be shipped to her by this Wednesday!!! Thank You God!! The women also sent her this text message: “something in my heart/head told me to send this your way, and I just do what I’m guided to do” How awesome is that!!! Again, thank you Lord

Submitted by: Denise Kuhn


Entertaining Strangers

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This past Thursday I had a doctor appointment in York that required my husband, Matt, to go with me. He normally would not be awake at this time because he works 3rd shift. After the appointment, Matt took me out to lunch and then we had to stop in Shrewsbury to pick up his wallet that he had left in his car which our daughter Karah had taken to work that morning. Anyway, on our way home we passed an older gentleman walking along the busy road. He was trying to hitch a ride. I looked at him and our eyes connected but I drove on by. I really was not in the mood to pick anyone up. I was in a lot of pain from the doctors appointment, was irritable and feeling sick, and just wanted to get home. But I only got a few seconds away before Holy Spirit prompted me to ask Matt a question. I asked Matt if he would have picked him up had he been driving by himself. His answer was yes. Matt has done this quite a lot in the past when the Holy Spirit has prompted him to and has even entertained an angel along the way on one of those many adventures. 🙂 So, I drove just a little further because I really didn’t want to stop but once again Holy Spirit would not let up. So I asked Matt, do you want me to turn around and pick him up? I ordinarily would have not even thought about asking him that, but Something within just couldn’t drive on by. This man needed to know that someone cared for him. Matt again said yes. So, as soon as I could make a U turn, I did. We came on by him and I pulled over. Matt told him to hop on in and asked where he was headed. He said Red Lion. Of course we were already heading into Red Lion! Love how God does that. We asked him what his name was and he said Jack. Well, Jack proceeded to tell us a little bit about himself and how sad he was that he couldn’t find a job and how sad it is that he could not rely on his family but had to rely on the kindness of strangers. He told us how someone prior to us passing by had stopped only to cuss him out and say mean things to him. (So that is one of the many reasons you had us stop, huh, God??) Meanwhile, Matt is asking him all sorts of questions, because of course he is the pro at this. I was just praying and asking God what He wanted Jack to know. I kept hearing lungs…he has something wrong with his lungs. I was like okay God, I will ask him. But before I could, Matt asked him if he had anything he wanted us to pray for and Jack said he just needed a job. So Matt turned in his seat and grabbed Jack’s hand and began to pray. Then when he was finished, I asked Jack if he had anything wrong with his lungs. Jack looked at me kind of strangely and said, yes he had COPD. (Of course Jack had something wrong with his lungs… another reason to stop) I said well, God told me that you had issues with your lungs and I believe He wants to heal them so could I pray for you. Jack said yes. I finished my prayer and just told him how much God loved him. He said he believed God did love him. By this time we were almost to where we were dropping him off. I pulled the car over and Matt gave him all of our leftover food. (Funny how when we ordered lunch they gave us way too much food, most of which we hadn’t even touched.) And God told Matt to give him the money he had in his wallet. (Matt hardly ever has money in his wallet long because God is always asking him to give it away.) So he gave Jack what he had and Jack grabbed a hold of Matt and began to hug him tightly. He said, “Now look what you’ve gone and done…you have made me cry!” Such a beautiful sight. Matt told him once again how much God loved him and how he sees him…he was not forgotten. Jack walked away that day knowing that He had a Father in heaven who loved him and would provide for him always. He felt the love of the Father when we picked him up, when we listened to him, when we prayed for him, when we provided food and money for him, and in Matt’s embrace. I cried. All of this on a day (Valentine’s Day) that we never celebrate, but God knew Jack needed to know how much he was loved. And we were the ones he chose to use. I am sure glad God knows what He is doing. I am glad that Matt came with me that morning, that he decided to take me out to lunch, that he forgot his wallet so we had to go out of our way to get it, that I didn’t ignore the prompting and just continue on my way. I am glad that Holy Spirit wouldn’t let me. God is so amazingly good. I just want to encourage you all to not ignore the Holy Spirit. Be obedient even when you don’t feel like it. It will be so worth the while.

Submitted by Michelle Richardson

Holy Provider

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There is an 82-year-old lady who lives in my apartment complex, and who I say hi to every now and then. I’ve asked her to come to church, but she says that she wouldn’t know what to wear. Well she called me to ask if her 45-year-old daughter could stay with me for 2 weeks. My reply was that there is no bed in the 2nd bedroom. My neighbor had no room in her apartment and said that her daughter could sleep on the floor. I told her that I would need to pray about this, since I did not know the daughter at all.

I called the daughter and asked to meet her—the friends she was staying with told her she must be out of their house. I told her that I’d call her on Thursday around noon to discuss meeting her, after I walked my dog. On the walk I prayed, “Holy Spirit what do you want me to do?” Holy Spirit said, "do not refuse!"

I met the daughter. She had come home from Arizona, and her friend in Arizona texted her not to return. She has no job, no car, and no money. She will be living with me for 3 months. Her Pennsylvania friends gave her a bed. She prays! She has now stopped smoking! Please pray she gets a job soon.

The irony of this testimony is in November I came down with panic anxiety and prayed for someone to be here with me. I no longer have the panic! Praise God. And, of course God’s got the timing down for more than one situation. Let’s give our Lord all the glory. Amen.

In closing, I lost my job. But God prepared me for this 3 years ago financially.
As of 1/14/13 I am eligible for unemployment. God’s hand is not too short and He sure can multiply. More Glory Messiah, King of Kings, Holy Provider!

Submitted by Kassie

Birds of the Air

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At Christmas, we received $400 from some friends of ours at church. When my husband and I prayed about what to do with the money, God told us one simple instruction: "Give." So we did. We gave it all as we felt led. Then, on Christmas Eve, we got another $100 as a gift. That in itself, is testimony enough of His goodness, but the story didn’t end there. For the next three weeks, we watched as paycheck after paycheck from my husband’s job was far less than expected. We didn’t even have enough money to pay our bills. We had only enough for groceries and gas, and I knew we were being tested. Did we truly believe that we were more valuable than the birds of the air? Then on Wednesday, my mom called me and asked if she could take me grocery shopping the next day. God had blessed her, and she wanted to give back. $350 later, we left the grocery store. I had gone about $50 over what she said she had to give, but she insisted I not worry about it. When we arrived back at my home, she handed me an envelope, and said, "Here’s the other part of your surprise–it’s $50 short!" When my husband and I finally opened the envelope later and counted, there was $950! She had bought us at least a month’s worth of groceries, and had given us $1,000! Praise God! He is so good, and so FAITHFUL!! I was so overwhelmed by His goodness, and faithfulness, there was nothing left for me to do but weep and repent. Why had I ever thought otherwise? Praise the Lord, He cares for us!

Submitted by Sarah Torrez

He is I AM

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Friday night service testimonies, prayed for someone with a headache and they felt better. Then I got a text later that night and it was completely gone. Prayed for someone who had back and ankle pain from a recent car accident, which felt better after prayer. I also got a text that night and it was 90% gone.Prayed for someone’s back and it was healed. Prayed for someone who had financial need and the next day received the amount needed three hours before the dead line. Someone prophesied over several people and was dead on. Prayed for someone with a fever and they felt better. Offered to council a family member of someone who attends Friday nights, and was told that they were not to sure they would agree to it, then got a text later that night and the person agreed. Amazing grace how sweet the sound….God not only saved us but he gave us authority over everything. Begin to walk out what you have and what you have already received. Don’t worry about the why nots, and focus and the yes and amen! Move in power because you have the spirit inside you, Faith increase in the name of Jesus! Believe He is who He is and He is I AM!!!

Submitted by Carlos Zapata

God Provided

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Brittany and I were in a situation where we needed to move, which we both knew was God’s will. So we found an apartment that was a great deal and we even got discounts for some reason (God). So it came to a point that we needed about four hundred dollars to hold the apartment, which we did not have. So we prayed about it and trusted God to provide. Sure enough He did. A family was actually saving for a few weeks and they felt led to give to us. Wow God. Next step to move on the 1st we needed about one thousand dollars for security deposit and rent. We continued to believe that God would provide. We were very encouraged by listening to Adam on Wednesday night. Thursday at about 3pm a family friend called and asked how much money we needed. We told her about one thousand all together but we could make it with six hundred. She goes, "you need 1400?" “No, no six hundred,” we replied. "Oh just take fourteen hundred." Thank you God!

Submitted by Zach & Brittany Bear

Change of Heart

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I have a friend who has had a very painful life physically, mentally and financially. She was going to the doctors one day and asked if I could pay for her. I agreed. She was behind in paying her bill there by about $800. The front office staff have at times been very cruel to her. Once even yelling at her in front of other patients about how she hasn’t paid her bill. We prayed together and asked God to go before her and prepare the hearts of everyone she would encounter. She went to her appointment. The staff happily agreed to call me and let me pay the bill. When I spoke to them I told them how much we appreciated that they let her do this and that they had no idea how much it has helped her during this difficult time in her life. After my friend came home from the doctors and the pharmacy she called me. She was so excited she could hardly stand it. Everyone at the doctor’s office was wonderful to her. The lady that let me pay her bill pulled my friend aside and told her that she was able to get her balance due down from $800 to $200. When she went to the pharmacy to get her medicine the bill was only $1 and it is usually $130. My friend said that even the doctor was very kind and said that he would work with her so that she could continue to be their patient. God made a way where there seemed to be none and blessed her with more than we asked for. My heart was flooded with thankfulness for a God of such mercy and grace.

Submitted by Carol

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