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What a great word about open doors! The night before Brian sent the church his word about open doors I was praying with a fellow brother – he for my situation and I for his – and the words “open doors” came up and we were both excited about it and stopped what we were praying for and began declaring the words "open doors" and quoting the scripture about God opening doors that no one could shut and closing doors that no one could open. We prayed the words over and over with command and praise knowing that we were having an effect on more than just our situations! There was something incredible about it and we were both laughing and excited. When I read Brian’s word the next day, I was very excited because where we were praying when we heard the words “open doors” was a type of church off of Philadelphia Street. A little nod from God I think! Anyway, the prophecy blew me away with the hope for something I have been believing God for, for a long time. Needless to say it was and is very encouraging. That was one confirmation of the word.

The next confirmation came along the next night in a different way.
After hanging out at Rapha, some friends and I went over to McDonald’s to continue chatting\debating things about God and to get something to eat. I was at the counter and I turned to ask my friends if they wanted apple pies and I heard a voice behind me say he wanted an apple pie. I turned to see someone who looked a little rough, in a gangster sort of way, and the fact the he even engaged me seemed a little strange, almost like he wanted to start a fight. In a short span of time I sensed evil, I went to God and was reminded to not turn away but to give love, so I said, “Sure, I’ll get you one.” When I went back to give him one, I said “the love of Jesus to you” and handed him, and his female friend, apple pies. I think he said something like “Christian huh?!” I said yes and he began to tell me how he had a better way and that he worshiped the pentagram – or words to that effect. He began to talk about how this had helped him more than Jesus. He was starting to get into his beliefs more and I listened and responded for a bit and could see that we were headed for a much longer discussion. I told him I had to get back to my friends who were waiting for the food. So I left.

As we were starting to eat, the man came over and I think he could tell we all were Christians and he began mocking our faith and pointing to his beliefs as the real power in this world. He said his name was Dollars and he said that he had tried all of that Christian stuff but it didn’t work for him. He said that he had found something better. He went into what he thought really rules this world. He claimed it was money and that he had found more power by worshiping the pentagram. My friends and I engaged him a bit about Jesus and what He had done. This just led to more arguing and debate about who was really in charge in this world. He didn’t seem fazed by anything we said. He even asked one of my friends to read some scripture which he turned into trying to show his evil was more powerful. At one point he grabbed the Bible to show that he wasn’t intimidated by it and proceeded to read the words backwards. We knew he was trying to rattle us. I sensed that he was sincere about what he was saying and I was a bit wary of him, mostly because I didn’t know how far gone he was and if he had some type of weapon on him or not. I was also a little uncomfortable because in my normally safe world I don’t encounter raw evil like this every day. I was encouraged as I saw my friends take him on and as I remembered that God is inside me and that we were having an effect on him too!

After we sort of came to a stalemate he went back to his side of the McDonald’s. We prayed for the Father to draw him to Him and prayed love over him. I was talking with the brother I had been praying the open doors with the other night and I told him I wanted to read him the word that Brian had sent out. I grabbed my phone and started to read it aloud, and when I did, Dollars came very quickly from across the room and said “Someone make him stop!” “You can’t read that!“ “It’s against my religion!” I told him he could go back where he came from and didn’t have to hear it. (He was simply trying to stop the word from being read) He got visibly upset and threw a tantrum, throwing my friend’s coffee cup up against the wall. My friend said, “Keep reading!” I kept reading while Dollars carried on. If you’ve read the prophecy you know it takes a long time to read. I read it all the while he carried on until his friend, and I believe some of the McDonald’s workers, got him to go outside.

There are more than a couple of things interesting about this, but here are a couple. First the group of Christians I was with were very diverse in beliefs and we usually spend more time in debate than anything else, sharpening each other, and yet there is a great love between all of us. I didn’t see it but after all the show was done one of my friends went up to Dollars and talked about the “debate” we just had and he expressed love to him, just like we do with each other when we debate. He said Dollars appeared visibly moved that we would love him after the conflict we just had.

The second thing that was interesting to me was the effect of the prophecy being read aloud. The person we were dealing with was distorting scripture, he was trying to use it to intimidate us, he tried to desecrate it by reading the words backwards and showing that he was not intimidated by scripture. Yet he was livid when the prophecy was read. The now word, the spoken word, the exciting word of God based on the partnership we have with Him really seemed to disturb Dollars more so than the scriptures we read out earlier. He did not like that the doors were being opened. I’m sure the awareness of what God is doing and His control in this situation set him off. I think there is great power when God brings His words alive in us and we speak the living words out. If making the enemy angry with your words is confirmation, then this was confirmation in a big obvious way!

Submitted by: Anonymous


Seeing to Believing

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I recently returned home from Guatemala, where God did amazing things!!! We saw the lame walk, a mute man speak praises to Jesus, and an "immobile," damaged arm move. We saw a man who once couldn’t hear out of one ear, receive the Gospel in that same ear. We saw the sick recover: sore throats, stomach aches, and headaches leave in Jesus’ Name. We saw the oppressed set free, and the once-alcoholic, now born again and filled with the Holy Spirit, lead another man to Jesus. We saw people born again into the kingdom of God, and reconciliation where there was once no home. We saw those who were once unsure of their salvation, become sure, and the power of the Holy Spirit move. We saw people filled with the Holy Ghost immediately speak in tongues, and the lost, hurt, and abandoned orphan receive the love, joy and peace of the Lord. Praise God! Queen Sheba said to king Solomon that she did not believe the report she had heard of him in her own land, until she saw it for herself, and that when she did see it, it was even more than what she had heard (1 Kings 10). The same was true for me–it took seeing God use me, to believe that He wanted to, and when He did, it was beyond any expectation I could have had! He is SO good, and He wants to use YOU to show it! He’s not waiting until you go on a mission trip to use you, either. He loves those of us in the States as much as anyone else. You already have a mission field. He’s calling you to advance His kingdom. If you don’t, who will? I am no different than anyone else… You can believe that He will use YOU. He promises that His Word NEVER returns void–NEVER!!! There’s always a harvest of some sort. Take Him at His Word that "these signs shall follow those that believe…" because they will. His Word is Truth, and the world (even our neighbors) need to hear it. What if you could be the one God uses to change their eternal destiny? You’ll never know, if you never try. Step out in faith, and let Him use you to shine His light before men, that they may see your good deeds, and glorify your Father in heaven. Amen!

Submitted by Sarah Torrez

Encouraging Visions

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Lately during worship, I have been seeing crazy visions. God is often showing me certain people with crowns set on their heads with certain gemstones which symbolize different things. He has also been showing me the aurora borealis lights entangled with gold dust and them representing His glory. Also during worship I have been in Heaven with the Father in a deep place where amazing things are going on, I can’t even explain what all I have seen but it is just so GOOD! This is a new and refreshing level to me, as he shows me encouraging visions for people around me.

Submitted by Brittany Bear

Mental Afflictions Will Vanish

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Mike Hutchings word regarding bipolar disorder & schizophrenia being healed as soon as those afflicted walk through the doors at Praise reminded me that I had a testimony I hadn’t even thought to share before. Beginning at age 19, I had been diagnosed with multiple mental disorders, particularly bipolar disorder and generalized anxiety disorder. I had been on medication most of my adult life off and on. Per the suggestion of my primary doctor, I went to see a psychiatrist again last year. I happened to find the same psychiatrist I had seen who had diagnosed me with the above conditions. After my evaluation, he told me that I no longer exhibited the symptoms of bipolar disorder! The same doctor who told me I had bipolar disorder, was now telling me that I didn’t have it! What was the difference? JESUS!!! Between the first evaluation and the second, I had accepted Jesus as my Savior. I hadn’t done anything differently with my medication. In fact, most of those years, I hadn’t even taken it! The only difference was Jesus in my life, literally renewing my mind! Praise God!! About that same time, I made the decision to quit my job, and attend Bible school. Toward the end of my time at the unemployment office where I worked, I had been taking medication for my anxiety disorder almost daily. Within a month, I stopped talking it all together! I had no need for it anymore. Jesus had brought healing and deliverance once again! Now, 6 months later, I still haven’t taken any medication, and I have no symptoms! Praise Jesus, I’m healed!!!

Submitted by Sarah Torrez

The Strength of My Heart

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Several years ago I was diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation. I would have "episodes" maybe twice a year. Last March of 2012 I went to the doctor for a regular check up and I was in AFib. Then we did a stress test which almost killed me, as well as a catherization, and it was discovered that I was in AFib all the time. The cardiologists advised me to have a pacemaker implanted. I had several people pray for me and Frank M. had a word of knowledge about irregular heartbeat and prayed for me. Brian prayed for me and he had a word that I would not need the pacemaker and that I would not get a pacemaker. I kept praying that God is the strength of my heart and that He would heal me and give me a new heart. I felt led to get a second opinion and the new cardiologist after reviewing the test and doing some himself came to the conclusion that at this time he could not see the need for a pacemaker and advised that I could go back to exercising . Also the other doctors had told me I had a very weak heart. This doctor said it was a little weak but not overly weak. I give Jesus the glory for being the strength of my heart and healing me. Thank you Brian for being obedient to tell me I did not need a pacemaker. Thank you.

Submitted by Mary Ann Slates

Encounter at the Cemetery

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I am not a member of Praise Community Church, as I live 3 hours away, But I will be visiting about once a month. SO I hope it is ok to post a testimony on your site. I posted this on a ‘Pursuit Alumni FB Group’ where we are dong much the same thing: sharing testimonies to encourage each other to go out and share the love of God with those outside the 4 walls of the church. I then felt to share it on my own Facebook page, and the interesting thing is that I have non-Christian Facebook friends “liking” it…I hope it is ok to share it here…original post – Saturday March 2, 2013.

The 26-year-old daughter of a co-worker passed away this week, and the funeral was today. As I got in my car to drive away from the cemetery, I noticed someone sitting on the cold wet ground at a grave site. I heard The Lord tell me to stop and go talk to her and pray for her. I kept going, but the closer I got to the exit, the more intense the pull was to go back. Instead of exiting, I followed the roads around the cemetery back to where she was. I parked and quietly approached her. I squatted down, and introduced myself, and told her that I was there for a funeral and as I left, The Lord had me turn around and come back to her. I asked her if I could pray for her. She looked shocked and said,’I would like that.’ The prayer started out general (not hard to figure out how to start off when you are praying for someone at a cemetery), but then The Lord started giving me details, not only of her mother, whose grave we were at, but about her, and some things she was feeling, and going through…. Turned out that our lives, in relation to our moms, were very similar. This woman I was praying for was a Christian, but this kind of encounter still freaked her out a little. She told me she was just sitting here, talking to The Lord about some of the very things I mentioned and was asking Him questions that I came along and addressed…

We hugged for so long…she thanked me for obeying The Lord, as she needed to hear some of those things…and needed to know God was intimately interested with even the smallest of daily events or thoughts in her life!

Friends, all it takes is a few moments to love on people…and tell them God loves them and cares about them…As you go, and step out, He will give you the rest…you will bless others but be so much more greatly blessed than the ones you are praying for….

Doreen from NJ

Dancing Flames and Papa’s Eyes

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Wow! What a sweet experience on Saturday afternoon at Modeling Communion. I would encourage anyone to come. I want to share what I experienced.

I saw dancing flames! They moved closer to me, then receded. They flared up, then exploded. They were individual, then joined together. They were bright, but not difficult to look upon. I don’t know if this was the Holy Spirit or Papa’s passion for me or His love. Maybe all three! Then, amidst the flames dancing, I saw Papa’s eyes. Especially His left eye, as we were nose to nose. He just looked into me and never wavered. He didn’t blink. I could still see the flames dancing all about us. His eye was so warm and kind. I could not look away had I wanted to do so. His eyes are the deepest of browns, not quite black, speckled with gold! Reflecting the flames dancing around us, His eyes had a life of their own. Almost as if the iris was moving and changing as I stared back. Papa wants me to know the joy He has when He stares at me. The love and excitement He had at the beginning of time when He thought to make Robin! He wants me to share that love and joy with Him and my Brother, Yesu and the Holy Spirit.

I came home and drew what I saw of my Papa. It is a poor representation, but I will never forget His eyes on me. Such love and tenderness.

Submitted by Robin

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