Jesus in Jail


I am so in love with GOD and it’s so amazing the things He is doing in my life. The favor He shows me, along with how much He loves me has been most amazing to me lately. I see and feel this more and more most recently in my life. I had the most ugly but amazing thing happen to me recently. I’ve been battling constant relapsing with my addiction lately and I just experienced a blessing in disguise this last week in my life. I actually had to go to jail for 6 days because my P.O. wanted to wake me up, and get me detoxed. While in jail for 6 days, the glory I experienced was just amazing.!!! I cannot believe all the FAVOR the Lord shows me. All the correctional officers that I was around spoke to me about GOD, and encouraged me not to give up. The nurse kept telling me in front of four Captains, “Pray Denise, Keep praying!!” I had many of them share with me the addictions they have beaten, and they were extra loving and caring with me. THAT DOES NOT HAPPEN IN JAIL!! All of these supportive and loving Captains and correctional officers were around me, and a lot of them giving me their testimonies and telling me things about GOD!!!! WOW!!!! I felt the Lord’s presence around me constantly. I spent most of my time alone and praying most of the day. Spoke in tongues most of the day, and got stronger each day and better. I also got to talk to a few young girls about GOD. I have been earnestly seeking the Lord for a while now and building my OWN relationship with JESUS. Just Jesus and me and I love it. It helped me in this situation and only blessings have come from it. At this moment in my life I could of crumbled. I didn’t need to fall on a friend or run to someone for help. I ran to JESUS, my Lord and friend, and He protected me and I rose above this situation. The next best part of this testimony is that satan thinks he’s winning when he’s only driving me closer to Jesus. That’s the first time I’ve been able to say that in years and have it be real and sooo true. My probation officer said she’s not violating me, and her supervisor spoke to me and they said they want to help me. I’m getting more counseling and possibly free doctor visits to get off the medication that keeps triggering my relapses due to my severe scoliosis (and getting me better non-addictive meds)!!! Yes more help and more people who believe in me!!!I don’t deserve the favor God has given me, but I’m so glad he has. He loves me and He is fighting for me. That means I must be pretty special to Him and His kingdom. I am important and He wants me around for something special. After that horrible, but necessary (short) jail stay I feel so amazing, so much more motivated and on fire for God. I want to help these people I met in jail. THEY NEED JESUS SOOO BAD!!! Any way, thanks for letting me share. There were sooo many more amazing things that happened while I was in there, but too much to type. I love you Jesus, and I now am seeing and feeling how much You love me.!! God bless.

Submitted by Denise Kuhn


Seeing to Believing

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I recently returned home from Guatemala, where God did amazing things!!! We saw the lame walk, a mute man speak praises to Jesus, and an "immobile," damaged arm move. We saw a man who once couldn’t hear out of one ear, receive the Gospel in that same ear. We saw the sick recover: sore throats, stomach aches, and headaches leave in Jesus’ Name. We saw the oppressed set free, and the once-alcoholic, now born again and filled with the Holy Spirit, lead another man to Jesus. We saw people born again into the kingdom of God, and reconciliation where there was once no home. We saw those who were once unsure of their salvation, become sure, and the power of the Holy Spirit move. We saw people filled with the Holy Ghost immediately speak in tongues, and the lost, hurt, and abandoned orphan receive the love, joy and peace of the Lord. Praise God! Queen Sheba said to king Solomon that she did not believe the report she had heard of him in her own land, until she saw it for herself, and that when she did see it, it was even more than what she had heard (1 Kings 10). The same was true for me–it took seeing God use me, to believe that He wanted to, and when He did, it was beyond any expectation I could have had! He is SO good, and He wants to use YOU to show it! He’s not waiting until you go on a mission trip to use you, either. He loves those of us in the States as much as anyone else. You already have a mission field. He’s calling you to advance His kingdom. If you don’t, who will? I am no different than anyone else… You can believe that He will use YOU. He promises that His Word NEVER returns void–NEVER!!! There’s always a harvest of some sort. Take Him at His Word that "these signs shall follow those that believe…" because they will. His Word is Truth, and the world (even our neighbors) need to hear it. What if you could be the one God uses to change their eternal destiny? You’ll never know, if you never try. Step out in faith, and let Him use you to shine His light before men, that they may see your good deeds, and glorify your Father in heaven. Amen!

Submitted by Sarah Torrez


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I’ve been recently feeling that we are entering a season in the Church where those that believe will simply utter the Word of God and sicknesses, diseases, and physical ailments will flee. A client of mine mentioned a prayer request for his wife, who had Celiac’s disease. (I’ve felt an impression of increased authority of Celiacs and gluten-intolerant type ailments). So I interceded (it was not a long drawn-out prayer, it was simple and authoritative). I found out this week that the disease has left her! I’ll have to check in with her about any potential diet limitations and be prayerful that anything which God has made clean to eat is thus clean and does not cause pain. On my way home from work yesterday, in the same vein, I saw a billboard that said "gluten-free." This billboard was not in the natural, it was a supernatural word of knowledge. I’ve never had a word of knowledge that I "saw" before. I believe this is God telling me to go after the many diet-related ailments in a vigilant way and to not agree with its many pains and limitations. A fresh hatred has brewed up in me for sicknesses, illnesses, and physical problems, such that when I think about them I nearly cry (or actually cry) and grit my teeth! I’m in such disagreement against them, because they are short of the Gospel of Christ, and I want the Gospel of redemption and healing for people. My day yesterday ended with another powerful work. I prayed for my best friend’s mother at her home; she had been nauseated and could not sleep for days. I accessed Heaven in prayer and heard this morning that she slept through the night and felt way better! Let’s rightfully activate His Kingdom on Earth!

Submitted by Joe D’Orsie

Our Protector

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I was making chili before church on Sunday. After making the bacon, I was putting the burger in and the block fell into the grease causing it to splash all over the front of me including my arms and face. I grabbed paper towels to soak up the burning grease while saying, “Jesus, help me!” After blotting most of it up and grabbing ice cubes to run over my face, I kept praying and thanking God that I would not have to go to the ER. In a few moments most of the pain was gone. Today, the day after, the worst problem I have had is some tenderness on my eyelids where some of the grease splashed. I am so thankful that God protects us when life or the devil tries to kill, steal, and destroy. No one in church even noticed any red marks and my face was covered in hot bacon grease! God is awesome!

Submitted by David

God Provided

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Brittany and I were in a situation where we needed to move, which we both knew was God’s will. So we found an apartment that was a great deal and we even got discounts for some reason (God). So it came to a point that we needed about four hundred dollars to hold the apartment, which we did not have. So we prayed about it and trusted God to provide. Sure enough He did. A family was actually saving for a few weeks and they felt led to give to us. Wow God. Next step to move on the 1st we needed about one thousand dollars for security deposit and rent. We continued to believe that God would provide. We were very encouraged by listening to Adam on Wednesday night. Thursday at about 3pm a family friend called and asked how much money we needed. We told her about one thousand all together but we could make it with six hundred. She goes, "you need 1400?" “No, no six hundred,” we replied. "Oh just take fourteen hundred." Thank you God!

Submitted by Zach & Brittany Bear

Feed My Sheep

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I have learned a valuable secret: to love is the most potent of all gifts. Imagine, if you will, standing beside Jesus performing a miracle, and after he is finished he turns to you to find you in total awe. He speaks these words: "Why do you stand here marveling at what you see me do? Do you not know that if you have faith as small as a mustard seed you may say to the mountain move and it shall be moved?" This is all the license required to do tremendous acts of love, this is the game change that exceeds all worldly understanding.

My journey of love began with a single proposition. If you love me feed my sheep. People are really hungry, not just for food and shelter but hungry to know love. Many have given up, we do not see them, they reside in the shadows, broken, familiar with rejection, resigned of hope and full with sorrows. Such was the condition of our latest endeavor. She had served her nation but time slows even the greatest of athletes. The light of those days of glory has dimmed, the body now broken, the sacrifices forgotten, here stood the veteran soldier, abandoned and alone for a decade. Trapped in one room of a four bedroom house, helpless and now greatly offended, sorrow begins to depress the spirit sending the mind and the body into dark places. We are sent unto such for the purpose of reconciliation with signs and wonders. We have loved her from the beginning, in all her mess we have loved her. We labor on her behalf where it makes no sense to her we should be so concerned. We shall make change, she shall know it in her heart and give praise and honor to the God that did not abandon her. She shall be made whole. Do you love me? Then feed my sheep.

Submitted by Randy

Change of Heart

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I have a friend who has had a very painful life physically, mentally and financially. She was going to the doctors one day and asked if I could pay for her. I agreed. She was behind in paying her bill there by about $800. The front office staff have at times been very cruel to her. Once even yelling at her in front of other patients about how she hasn’t paid her bill. We prayed together and asked God to go before her and prepare the hearts of everyone she would encounter. She went to her appointment. The staff happily agreed to call me and let me pay the bill. When I spoke to them I told them how much we appreciated that they let her do this and that they had no idea how much it has helped her during this difficult time in her life. After my friend came home from the doctors and the pharmacy she called me. She was so excited she could hardly stand it. Everyone at the doctor’s office was wonderful to her. The lady that let me pay her bill pulled my friend aside and told her that she was able to get her balance due down from $800 to $200. When she went to the pharmacy to get her medicine the bill was only $1 and it is usually $130. My friend said that even the doctor was very kind and said that he would work with her so that she could continue to be their patient. God made a way where there seemed to be none and blessed her with more than we asked for. My heart was flooded with thankfulness for a God of such mercy and grace.

Submitted by Carol

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