I met with a friend for a drink at Starbucks. He started coughing and apologized. He asked me if it was okay to sit outside because he was told that he might have acid reflux and sitting in the sun would help his cough. I told him that would be fine. We continued talking but his coughing increased, at which point I knew I had to pray for him. I asked him if he was comfortable with me praying for his cough and he did not have a problem with that. I asked him if I could put my hand on his chest and he said, "Is this how you do it?", and I said " If you are comfortable with that." He was, so I proceeded. I thanked God for him and the relationship we were building. I prayed that God would remove whatever was going on with his chest in Jesus Christ name. He thanked me for praying and showed me his necklace that had a pendant of the Star of David. We continued to talk about his Jewish belief. Shortly after that conversation he sat up straight and breathed deeply and his coughing stopped.

Submitted by Jason W.