Disappearing Mass

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4 years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I went the normal route of diagnosis, tests, and treatment. I have no doubt God walked with me every step. I remember a time I cried out to him when I didn’t think I could go another day. A year ago I told my Drs that there was something not right. They checked and said it was just scar tissue. Two months ago we found a lump/mass. I had the routine mammo and it didn’t show anything abnormal. I went to my next appt and the surgeon agreed there was definitely a lump/mass .He relooked at the mammo and showed us where this was seen if he enlarged the picture. We chose to have it removed and biopsied. My appointment was scheduled for October 7th. We only told those closest to us because I didn’t want sympathy. All through we prayed. Sunday when I was getting ready for church I checked and it was there…another reminder that here we go again. When I walked into church I asked for a few of my closest ladies to pray for me. I knew what to expect with another bad biopsy but I personally felt I was on the verge of a melt down. Those ladies laid hands on me and prayed. Tuesday morning I got ready to go for the surgery and I felt for the lump. I couldn’t find it. I asked my husband to look and he couldn’t find it . We went to the doctor’s. The nurses starting prepping me for surgery and I asked to speak to the surgeon. The nurses asked what was wrong. I told them I couldn’t feel a lump/mass. They checked and said they didn’t feel it either. They called the surgeon…he felt and said well we are not doing surgery today. There is nothing to biopsy. He told the nurse that 10 days prior I had a lump and he showed her by putting his fingers about an inch apart. One of the nurses said wow…can you believe that? I told her I believe a baby was born from a virgin…I can believe this too. Praise God that no matter what…he walks with us….gives us comfort through the sad times…..and gives healing even when all we asked for was peace.

submitted by Dutch Boyd


God Heals the Brokenhearted

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On Wednesday, December 20, my friend Ted came with me from Johnstown to attend the discipleship class, “Driven.” This was the evening that Brian spoke on the baptism of the Holy Spirit and I had prayed that Ted would have an encounter with God. After the class when Brian invited folks to come forward to receive the baptism, Ted remained in his seat. I was surprised and initially disappointed that he hadn’t felt led to go forward. But to my amazement, as we were leaving Ted told me that he had felt such a strong anointing just sitting there that he didn’t even need to go forward.

After we got into the car, he looked at me in astonishment and said, “My heart doesn’t hurt anymore!” Indeed, God heals the brokenhearted! Psalm 147:3. Go God!!

Submitted by Carolyn Fisher

God Makes A Home

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To All of Gods People,

I believe everything God does in our lives is for a purpose. He had been working in me for the past several years to come to a deeper relationship with Him. He began stirring my heart to walk in the gifts of the spirit. He led people into my path to help me learn and understand the gifts of the spirit and I began to grow in this area of my spiritual life.

As I grew in this new area of my life, I began to see God work in ways I had never experienced before. For example, six months ago I witnessed a miraculous healing of a crippled woman. I had known her for two years and she had been in a wheel chair the whole time. Through the manifestation of the Holy Spirit she was completely healed and able to walk again.

During this period in my life, the Lord also reunited me with my friend Mickey I had known years ago. She was the one who first introduced me to Edgar Rodriguez and the wHoly Chicken restaurant.

God used Mickey and Edgar Rodriguez to give me the home I am living in now. First you need to understand that my husband left me twelve years ago. I have not had my own home all this time. I was laid off from my job, couldn’t find work so I had to move out of my apartment. I had to rent a room from someone to have a place to live. After I was reunited with Mickey I expressed that I would love to have my own home and was considering purchasing a used mobile home. Mickey and I started praying and fasting for a mobile home. I had the opportunity to purchase one for $10,000, but God had other plans.

One day Mickey and I were at the wHoly Chicken talking to Edgar when he said “God has asked me to ask you about your living situation.” I told him about it and he asked if I would like a mobile home. I told him I wasn’t sure if I could afford one yet, but he said, “I didn’t ask you if you want to buy it, I asked if you want it.” I was speechless and overwhelmed!!! We cried and praised God and kept thanking God for the blessing and the answer to prayer.

As it turns out Edgar and Patty had helped to renovate a mobile home for an elderly man. When the gentleman passed away his nieces donated the mobile home. This is the home I am now living in. My family, people from the wHoly Chicken, and the Christian community came together to do some major renovations. God made a way for me to get a new kitchen, floors, carpet, paint, and donated beautiful furniture. Even the appliances were left for me. All this transpired in only five weeks. It is my home free and clear. If you would like to visit or have questions please feel free to call at 717-818-6001.

I give God all the glory.

Miss Cindy Rivers