Addict’s Hope

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I’ve been attending a 12 Step group in the area, not so much to "Work the Steps" but to give hope to people who are in the group. I had been in 12 Step groups before and since receiving my identity in Christ, I’ve had a much different view of the whole program. When I attend now, I’ll hang back after the meeting and usually one or two people will come and talk with me. I give them the hope that is found in understanding their identity and knowing that they are not addicts – contrary to what is taught in the meeting. Each week I see the lights go on as people begin to understand the power of what Jesus came to do inside of them – dying to self and taking on his nature. I’ve also laid hands on people and seen various aches and pains go in Jesus’ name. It’s a lot of fun and very encouraging for me. A few weeks ago a young man in the group expressed a lot of discouragement and hurt and seemed to be at the end of his rope and close to death because of his addiction. He had experienced a lot of rejection and judgment and didn’t have much hope for the future. I wanted to talk to him and give him the hope I had, but at the same time I was respecting the group and not forcing my views on them or trying to "fix" anyone. Typically I’ll share what God is doing with me in the current week and the hope that I have. I have asked God to lead people back to me when they want to talk about this. The young man I mentioned did not come back after the meeting and I was tempted to go and track him down anyway. Instead I got engaged with talking with someone else and forgot about him. While I was talking he showed up. I was thrilled. God gave me the words to speak and I encouraged him with that, mostly prophesying his future as a new creature in Christ. Again I could see the lights going on. As we were going out together I asked him how he was doing. He said he felt a lot lighter, he seemed very hopeful. His mother also attends the meetings for her own issues and I found out we’d been attending the same church (Other than PCC). She was excited when I told her about the talk I had with her son. Just this past week we were at that church in a service when she came up to me (I didn’t recognize her at first and was a little startled as she made a bee-line for me during worship), She had tears in her eyes and she told me that her son had been clean in the weeks since I had seen him last, and was doing very well. I couldn’t have been more happy if he had been my own son. This totally caught me off guard as I had lost track of him and was busy with so many other things. In addition I was having a hard time getting into the worship in the service, This came up during worship time and needless to say it got a lot better after that! Thank you Jesus!

Submitted by Anonymous


Roaring Like A Lion

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So I had this dream where my husband and I were praying for people on the street and I saw demons in this one lady. I could see them in her eyes. I began praying them out and I started roaring like a lion in her face until my roar literally sounded like a lion’s. There was fear in her eyes. The demons were scared.

I never got to finish the dream to see if they left her or not but I do know that we have authority in us through Christ. Instead of being scared of the demonic realm, realize that Christ lives in us, and demons fear us if we understand that, because they fear Him who has overcome the world! Be the lion, not a timid mouse. Hallelujah!

This dream just so happens to go with the conviction on my heart to pray for the demonically possessed, it is just something I feel that I need to grow in more.

“For in Christ all the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form, and in Christ you have been brought to fullness. He is the head over every power and authority.” — Colossians 2:9-10

Submitted by Brittany Bear

Mighty Little Warrior

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These testimonies are my daughter’s, but seeing as she’s 6, i thought I’d help her. My daughter EmaLee told us one day after church that during worship God spoke to her and told her that when He comes back on the clouds that He is going to give her a crown. It was awesome, because although we teach her about God, we had never told her anything about Jesus returning on the clouds, or our crowns, so we knew it was God speaking directly to EmaLee. Praise God, He’s after the hearts of our little ones, too!

A few weeks later, she and her cousin were playing, when EmaLee said she saw the two of them casting out devils just by pointing at them. I cannot wait to see what God does in the generation He is raising up for His Name’s sake! She’s 6 and already knows who she is, and the authority she has! Only through Jesus!

Submitted by Sarah Torrez


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I was at a small diner in northern York county with my good friend and boss. Our server came over and we saw that she had scars all up and down her arms. It was very obvious that she was a cutter. Not wanting to upset her, I asked another server about it and she said that the girl has had a very rough childhood and life and that she used to indeed cut herself. She said that she had awful self esteem and no identity. So I said thank you. Later I asked our server, Danica, to come over to our table when she had a minute. She came over and I asked her if I could pray for her. I explained that I believe that God loves everyone and has a plan for everyone and that I would just like to speak some truths over her and break off some "junk." She said ok. I took her hands in mine and they were cold and felt almost lifeless. I prayed that God would give her a touch and reveal his plan for her life to her. Then we broke off chains that she was allowing to hold her down and the bondage of her past. I spoke over her that God is going to have her speaking to women who have the same kind of troubles and that cut themselves. That she is going to be an example or proof to them that through Daddy’s love and grace she was set free and that they will be too. Afterwards she was so happy and thrilled. She excitedly shared that her mom and her moved here from California and that her Mom had gone through New Life For Girls and now in fact works there. She said that they have asked her to come and be part of the program and then she may be able to speak to other woman. It was confirmation for her. It was great, you could see the release in her!

Submitted by Steve Snyder

Life Saver

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It’s amazing how God works. On Thursday, I left home to go see someone. Something just kept nudging at me to go to the lake, my favorite place to be in the presence of the Lord. I followed my heart and made that right turn to the lake. As I was sitting in my car praising, I looked over and in the car beside me there was a women crying. I walked over to her and asked if she wanted to pray for whatever was hurting her. She lost it and told me she had gone there to end her life. As I began to cry I remembered the scripture that saved my life–Psalm 18:16. As I was praying, God sent another woman, Nancy Alecia, to stand and tag team with me. We prayed to deliver this woman from the strongholds that she was in. The glory and the honor are all His. Thank you Lord for leading me to where you needed Nancy and me at that moment.

Submitted by Yolanda Mendoza