An Awesome God!

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Our daughter, Amy Langione, has been suffering with Trigeminal Neuralgia for over 2 years. We have gone to neurosurgeons in York and all they would do is want to medicate her and tell her there is nothing they can do for her. It is one of the most painful diseases there is and they call it the suicide disease because of the pain. We have been praying and our awesome God opened many doors for her! We were told about a doctor at Hopkins that this is all he does but it would be hard to get in. We called and had an appointment within 2 weeks. When we were there he said she needed surgery and he couldn’t do it for at least 6 to 8 weeks. Even though she was upset, we could see the light at the end of a dark tunnel. They called two days later and had in her for surgery 2 weeks later. Praise God!!! She had the surgery 2 weeks ago and is still recovering but the pain she had before is almost completely gone. The doctors in York also told her she has a brain tumor on the other side of her brain that didn’t have anything to do with the Trigeminal Neuralgia. We went for follow up at Hopkins on Thursday and they couldn’t find the tumor!!!!! I know God healed her!!! They want her to have more test but we know God has already healed her and they will NOT find anything! Our God is an awesome God!!!!!

Submitted by: Melissa Belzner


Addict’s Hope

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I’ve been attending a 12 Step group in the area, not so much to "Work the Steps" but to give hope to people who are in the group. I had been in 12 Step groups before and since receiving my identity in Christ, I’ve had a much different view of the whole program. When I attend now, I’ll hang back after the meeting and usually one or two people will come and talk with me. I give them the hope that is found in understanding their identity and knowing that they are not addicts – contrary to what is taught in the meeting. Each week I see the lights go on as people begin to understand the power of what Jesus came to do inside of them – dying to self and taking on his nature. I’ve also laid hands on people and seen various aches and pains go in Jesus’ name. It’s a lot of fun and very encouraging for me. A few weeks ago a young man in the group expressed a lot of discouragement and hurt and seemed to be at the end of his rope and close to death because of his addiction. He had experienced a lot of rejection and judgment and didn’t have much hope for the future. I wanted to talk to him and give him the hope I had, but at the same time I was respecting the group and not forcing my views on them or trying to "fix" anyone. Typically I’ll share what God is doing with me in the current week and the hope that I have. I have asked God to lead people back to me when they want to talk about this. The young man I mentioned did not come back after the meeting and I was tempted to go and track him down anyway. Instead I got engaged with talking with someone else and forgot about him. While I was talking he showed up. I was thrilled. God gave me the words to speak and I encouraged him with that, mostly prophesying his future as a new creature in Christ. Again I could see the lights going on. As we were going out together I asked him how he was doing. He said he felt a lot lighter, he seemed very hopeful. His mother also attends the meetings for her own issues and I found out we’d been attending the same church (Other than PCC). She was excited when I told her about the talk I had with her son. Just this past week we were at that church in a service when she came up to me (I didn’t recognize her at first and was a little startled as she made a bee-line for me during worship), She had tears in her eyes and she told me that her son had been clean in the weeks since I had seen him last, and was doing very well. I couldn’t have been more happy if he had been my own son. This totally caught me off guard as I had lost track of him and was busy with so many other things. In addition I was having a hard time getting into the worship in the service, This came up during worship time and needless to say it got a lot better after that! Thank you Jesus!

Submitted by Anonymous

Encouraging Visions

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Lately during worship, I have been seeing crazy visions. God is often showing me certain people with crowns set on their heads with certain gemstones which symbolize different things. He has also been showing me the aurora borealis lights entangled with gold dust and them representing His glory. Also during worship I have been in Heaven with the Father in a deep place where amazing things are going on, I can’t even explain what all I have seen but it is just so GOOD! This is a new and refreshing level to me, as he shows me encouraging visions for people around me.

Submitted by Brittany Bear

Changed Life

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I was sitting here on my computer, checking Facebook an just reading through the news feed when I received a message on Facebook. The message said "Two months ago on this day ya’ll changed my life!!!!! Thanks for everything you have done and what you will do Zach and Brittany!!!!!" Blew me away. This person wrote this because they remembered that two months ago today was the first time they ever came to teen lite and they have never been the same since. Its amazing how God changes lives with such quickness and accuracy. The part about this testimony that hit me the most is the fact that God had it planed for the perfect day just when he knew I was doubting teen lite and the outreaches that I do. I thank you God for words of encouragement. May your love flow freely from all who have been changed by your love. Amen

Submitted by Zach & Brittany Bear

To See Her Smile

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Sunday night we had the awesome chance to meet with Brittany’s grandmother, who is a Christian but has been slightly depressed due to circumstances. We met with her and prayed with her for the pains she was experiencing, and just to see her smile and know that someone cares is enough to make my week. I love how God prompts the mind and heart to love.

Submitted by Zach & Brittany Bear

The Jewish Salesman

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I was in need of a new mobile. I stopped in to the Sprint store, and the Jewish salesman sold me a wonderful phone. He also did all the paperwork, which I was suppose to do myself for a discount, etc. What favor!

We were chatting all the while the transaction was happening about various topics. He was rather philosophical, talking about sowing and reaping. This led me to say that this is stated in the Bible. And we spoke of food, and I mentioned that our body is the temple of God—which we need to take care of. And I asked whether he believed that the Messiah has come? He answered, "no." I said, “Well, He has and His Spirit lives in us, and we are waiting for His second coming.” Meanwhile, the Jewish man was telling me about his grandparents pre-arranged marriage, in Israel, at the age of 14 — who are still married today! He said that at one time he spoke Hebrew, but lost it along the way.

He also was saying how business was slow and he was a bit frustrated with this. I then offered to pray for him, if he would like. He said, “Yes." Then I said maybe the Holy Spirit will show Himself. So as we were holding hands, wouldn’t you know, Holy Spirit prayed in His God language, quite lengthy — I might add. After His prayer was finished the Jewish man said, "I didn’t know you could speak German." I said, I don’t–that was the Holy Spirit! You need to ask the Messiah into your life to be saved and have a personal relationship with Him — for He is Alive!

The other day I went to pickup my mail at the post office and there was a letter – you guessed it — from the Jewish man. Here’s his letter…

This is Dan from the Sprint store. I wanted to tell you all the good news since you shared with me when you came into the store. Since August I have given up on the temptation of processed foods and have only eaten natural foods like fruit, veggies, meat and mushrooms. The meat is free range. In addition I exercise 1 hour a day and the net result in just 6 months is loss of over 1/3 of my body weight! I am not as amazed with the weight loss as I am with the amazing feeling inside me. I am working a night time job as well as the store with less hours now. However, I am full of energy. I buy seeds and nuts at and really do enjoy the quality and prices.
I have a few reasons for this transformation, however your prayer was the tipping point and in appreciation I have shared with others and have another friend who also lost 100 pounds in 6 months following my lead. On Facebook I have a group titled "caveman Dan diet group" in which everybody is sharing ideas, recipes and motivations to take control of our lives and go back in time to when we felt younger and better!
Again, thank you so much for the energy and prayer that did in fact save my life and others and look for great things to happen to you and your life as we do reap what we sow.
May Peace and GOD be forever with you!

…………I’d say the Holy Spirit spoke into this gentlemen’s heart! Holy Spirit already has put it on my heart to write back to Dan, after all we can’t lose this sheep! Shalom

Submitted by Kassie

Seeds of Encouragement

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I had the privilege of hanging out in Maryland over the weekend for a conference that is in progress at my friends’ church there. This was my first time back there since helping out with their women’s conference in September. For a while, I just felt out of place, and maybe like I was even in the wrong place.

But I had surprising favor, in all honesty, starting within minutes of walking in the front door. I went down with no concrete arrangements for staying the night, and just figured I’d go with the flow and if I stayed, I stayed. The first lady I saw was one I met in the Fall, who has a worship ministry (dance, flags and also jewelry). She did not recall exactly who I was at first, but then said, “OH you’re the one on Facebook that gave me that word.” Turns out it meant a great great deal to her. I’d forgotten about it actually. A few minutes later, she was offering to have me stay with her for the night if I didn’t have other arrangements, as she’d gotten a room at a nearby hotel, and her daughter was choosing to sleep at the pastor’s house. In the end, that’s where I laid my head that night. We spent much of Sunday together until service started mid-afternoon. We got to talk about a lot of things, some serious some not so much. We talked about families, church, and shared a few revelations. It was neat, because within an hour, I was able to encourage her daughter by all the praise and respect she had for her and the giftings she walked in. This was cool.

I went to dinner with a couple of the ladies I’d met, and one I’d stayed with in the Fall. We met another lady there, much to my surprise, who also had been at the women’s conference. We’d had some time to chat and pray near the end of that time. But I was unprepared for what I saw in her this weekend. God had done such a work. He’d restored her hope, her dreams and much more. We had many things in common, except that she’s an ordained pastor! It was so encouraging to me, to see how confident and peaceful and the increase in spiritual authority she was now walking in. I was so humbled to even think I was part of the process, I was starting to cry right in the restaurant. We got the chance to chat a little afterward, and encouraged each other as the weekend progressed.
Then I ran into a lady after worship yesterday, another who I’d spoken to back in the Fall. She had made such an impression on me when I’d been there, and I’d told her as much then. Here in the bathroom I remarked that I was hoping I’d see her again, and just reiterated the thing that had so impacted me before. She came back to me a bit later, and said "Thank you for saying that to me, that so encouraged me!" My mind was a bit bewildered. But she said it was encouragement she really needed. I wasn’t trying to this time!! I was just being friendly!! Now though, within just a minute or two of her walking away, I really did have a word for her – that was fun!

I’m submitting this, not to brag, but to encourage whoever is reading this. Take the time to sow your seeds, wherever you go, with whomever God puts in front of you. We often do not ever see the impact that those words of encouragement, smiles, kind acts, hugs, prophecies, etc., have on the ones we sown into–intentionally and unintentionally. Sometimes, He does bring us back around, I think to encourage us to keep sowing, to see the Work that He is doing in peoples lives and what our little piece of the puzzle was sowing into. You might never know the difference your time, your love, and your kindness had made in a person’s life. You might only be water seeds another sowed. You might get to water the seeds you sowed. And, who knows, you just might be the answer to someone’s prayer. And we don’t have to be in a "ministry"capacity; as Heidi Baker says: "just stop for the one." Blessings!

Submitted by Regina M.

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