Encouraging Visions

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Lately during worship, I have been seeing crazy visions. God is often showing me certain people with crowns set on their heads with certain gemstones which symbolize different things. He has also been showing me the aurora borealis lights entangled with gold dust and them representing His glory. Also during worship I have been in Heaven with the Father in a deep place where amazing things are going on, I can’t even explain what all I have seen but it is just so GOOD! This is a new and refreshing level to me, as he shows me encouraging visions for people around me.

Submitted by Brittany Bear


Dancing Flames and Papa’s Eyes

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Wow! What a sweet experience on Saturday afternoon at Modeling Communion. I would encourage anyone to come. I want to share what I experienced.

I saw dancing flames! They moved closer to me, then receded. They flared up, then exploded. They were individual, then joined together. They were bright, but not difficult to look upon. I don’t know if this was the Holy Spirit or Papa’s passion for me or His love. Maybe all three! Then, amidst the flames dancing, I saw Papa’s eyes. Especially His left eye, as we were nose to nose. He just looked into me and never wavered. He didn’t blink. I could still see the flames dancing all about us. His eye was so warm and kind. I could not look away had I wanted to do so. His eyes are the deepest of browns, not quite black, speckled with gold! Reflecting the flames dancing around us, His eyes had a life of their own. Almost as if the iris was moving and changing as I stared back. Papa wants me to know the joy He has when He stares at me. The love and excitement He had at the beginning of time when He thought to make Robin! He wants me to share that love and joy with Him and my Brother, Yesu and the Holy Spirit.

I came home and drew what I saw of my Papa. It is a poor representation, but I will never forget His eyes on me. Such love and tenderness.

Submitted by Robin

Never the Same

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Over the past week I have been struggling with temptation and desire for male attention. I did almost anything to get it. I began to hate myself, but I felt like I couldn’t stop. Then, in the midst of it all, God called out to me in a dream. It was about baptism of the Holy Spirit. When Sunday came around and people were falling down & screaming, I cried because it was just like my dream and I realized that’s what I needed for me. We have "Jesus meetings" at my school and Brian came and talked and I felt God telling me to go to the church. (Tuesday night) I went. As soon as I walked in I started crying and felt God’s love on me. I cried the entire time (3 hours). Everything Brian said was clear & when he started praying for the Spirit to come down I started to shake violently and couldn’t stop. Eventually I could stand no longer. I cried through it all, sometimes so hard I knew people could hear & it was almost a scream. Other times it was soft & tears of joy. I know I will never be the same & I’m excited to spread His love!!! God is truly amazing.

Submitted by Cayla


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On Friday nights, teens and young adults who are hungry to know more of God get together. Zach usually preaches (bless his heart, he is amazing and passionate) and then we play some worship music and pray for one another and just soak in the presence. This past Friday, one of the guys who comes brought 3 new friends and as soon as they walked in the room they were like, "Dude I can just feel something in this place, it is historic." I just smiled because I know the feeling. It is God’s presence in His simple beauty. As I was sitting listening to Zach speak, God started talking to me about one of the guys there. He was telling me that something was wrong with this young man’s dad. I said to God, "Tell me more,,," So He did. God continued to tell me that his dad was sick. I kept asking God for more information until I had gathered that his dad was sick, something serious, and something is wrong with his lungs. I was excited and nervous all at the same time to get this word. I often see or hear things for people and I am tired of keeping it to myself. So I wanted to tell the guy this word but then I stopped one more time to say to my Father, "What else should I say? I mean there is no hope in me just telling him that God knows his dad is sick…" Of course our Father, who is most faithful told me to tell the guy to pray for his dad everyday until he believes that he will be healed and then he will be healed, simple. After worship I just had to share, I couldn’t wait to say something. I was a little reluctant to be so specific but I wasn’t wasting my whole detailed conversation with God! I just started telling him what the Father was telling me in front of everyone and before I could even finish he had dropped to his knees, praying and praising God. He was in awe as he told us that his dad has been in the hospital for 2 weeks with pneumonia. Right then and there he just thanked God and recommitted to Him and getting to know him on a deeper level than ever before. He was spiritually awakened! Two of his friends just dropped to their knees, humbly praising God. It was such a beautiful moment. I also continued to speak what God had told me about someone’s mother and someone going to Saudi Arabia. At the end of the night I just felt so encouraged to tell others what God wants to say to them through prophecies and words of knowledge and I pray that I have more boldness to take this outside of the church walls!

Submitted by Brittany Bear

The Stranger

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Several weeks ago, I had the sweet privilege of being invited to lunch after church with Bonnie and Yolanda. It was great to have a chance to catch up with Bonnie on her return from Nica, and Yolanda after her recent trip there. Even more fun, Yolanda had brought a young lady with her who needed some loving on and it was a pleasure to pour into her as well as her putting up with the 3 of us yapping about Nicaragua and God, God, God. But if it had not been for the invite, the yacking away and then finally someone announcing we needed to get moving, I would not have been where I needed to be for the next God appointment.

Just after I turned off of Route 74, I passed by a woman walking along the road. Honestly, I was passing her by before it occurred to me that I needed to stop. People jog and walk these back roads on a regular basis at all times of day and night and in all kinds of weather. So it wasn’t until out of the corner of my eye as I was passing her that I caught a glimpse of her purse and realized this was not an exercise outing. So confessing my ‘faults’ as I rerouted to make another pass I came back intending to stop if she was still on the road.

Yes, she was, and she was grateful for the short ride only about another mile down over the hill. But she was so upset and angry. Seems she’d been lied to about someone using her car and had a lot on her mind. But it’s amazing what God can work in just a few minutes. Once we got through the anger part, she said something along the lines of "God must be with you that you would stop and pick up a stranger." After our lunch, all I could do was chuckle, and walk through the open door. When we reached our destination, I waited in the car to run her back after she talked to someone at the house.

She came back to let me know that the lady there would give her a ride after they talked. She thought she needed it since she was so upset. Somewhere in the next couple of minutes it came out that her teenage son’s girlfriend was pregnant and had just been told that the baby was going to be a special needs baby, and that there were already serious complications. This had been weighing much heavier than betrayals, mistrust and cars. I reached out my hand for hers and just started to pray over her, the kids and baby – without asking first or even thinking about it first.

Afterward, she was touched, and amazed that this crazy lady would not only stop, give her a ride, but was listening to her and now praying with her. But what was cool was that her countenance had changed along with her outlook on things. We’d talked a bit about where we went to church and I asked if they’d laid hands on momma and the baby. She said no, but she said ‘I believe in the laying on of hands, and ‘falling out’. At this, I just had to laugh and turned on the cd that I had turned off just before she got in the car. (I didn’t want to scare her!). It was one of the cd’s from Patricia King’s Glory School and they were in the midst of a Holy Ghost Party outbreak, giggling and laughter and having a good time. Oh you should have seen the look on this woman’s face when I told her what it was. Suddenly, it was as if nothing had ever happened and the original crisis was nothing.
I guarantee, this lady had a new conversation to have with the woman inside. Instead of complaining, and crying and all that, she had a witness to speak of the things God had done for her this day. She was just so overwhelmed that God showed her that HE knew just where she was, and just what she needed and when. She just needed a touch from God and some Hope. It was the perfect way to end the day.

Submitted by Regina

Words of Knowledge

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Friday night at the Poort, we had time of teaching and worship, but it seemed as if some were still doubting the awesomeness of God. So I played a video that I had found earlier that day on YouTube. It was a video of a lady that had been in a wheelchair for 25 years due to being paralyzed below the waist. This was due to a car crash she was in 25 years ago. She was attending a church revival and was being prayed for. The video showed the prayer happening and then she stood up. Quickly she sat back down in her chair due to the overwhelming surprise of even being capable of moving. They continued praying and she got up again and began to walk. It then showed her 2 months later as she walked out on stage all by herself with no appearance of any prior illness. It was amazing. From that people got excited for God. I asked if there anyone there with pain. I told them that God wanted to heal them. A young lady raised her hand saying her legs hurt. We prayed. She felt a tingling sensation through both legs and instantly her pain was gone. After that we formed a circle and some people were interested in knowing what it is God had planned for their lives. We told them God wanted them to know. So we told them to pray and ask and just say what they saw and trust it was from God. We prayed for one of the leaders, and the young lady that just got healed told the leader: “I see you sitting and talking with a man on a sidewalk that everyone else walks by. It’s like he’s homeless and surely feeling lonely.” The leader then pointed out how, at their old job, they would sit with this man on the sidewalk who everyone else would ignore and walk by. They would just share the love of God with him. Amazing. We then prayed for another young lady. We all began seeing western themes, such as a horse, a dry land and so on. After the prayer we found out that this young lady has a trip planned out west with her family. Better yet, the plan was to go to Vegas. Thank you Lord for words of knowledge, it truly amazes us.

Submitted by Anonymous

God Heals the Brokenhearted

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On Wednesday, December 20, my friend Ted came with me from Johnstown to attend the discipleship class, “Driven.” This was the evening that Brian spoke on the baptism of the Holy Spirit and I had prayed that Ted would have an encounter with God. After the class when Brian invited folks to come forward to receive the baptism, Ted remained in his seat. I was surprised and initially disappointed that he hadn’t felt led to go forward. But to my amazement, as we were leaving Ted told me that he had felt such a strong anointing just sitting there that he didn’t even need to go forward.

After we got into the car, he looked at me in astonishment and said, “My heart doesn’t hurt anymore!” Indeed, God heals the brokenhearted! Psalm 147:3. Go God!!

Submitted by Carolyn Fisher

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