Addict’s Hope

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I’ve been attending a 12 Step group in the area, not so much to "Work the Steps" but to give hope to people who are in the group. I had been in 12 Step groups before and since receiving my identity in Christ, I’ve had a much different view of the whole program. When I attend now, I’ll hang back after the meeting and usually one or two people will come and talk with me. I give them the hope that is found in understanding their identity and knowing that they are not addicts – contrary to what is taught in the meeting. Each week I see the lights go on as people begin to understand the power of what Jesus came to do inside of them – dying to self and taking on his nature. I’ve also laid hands on people and seen various aches and pains go in Jesus’ name. It’s a lot of fun and very encouraging for me. A few weeks ago a young man in the group expressed a lot of discouragement and hurt and seemed to be at the end of his rope and close to death because of his addiction. He had experienced a lot of rejection and judgment and didn’t have much hope for the future. I wanted to talk to him and give him the hope I had, but at the same time I was respecting the group and not forcing my views on them or trying to "fix" anyone. Typically I’ll share what God is doing with me in the current week and the hope that I have. I have asked God to lead people back to me when they want to talk about this. The young man I mentioned did not come back after the meeting and I was tempted to go and track him down anyway. Instead I got engaged with talking with someone else and forgot about him. While I was talking he showed up. I was thrilled. God gave me the words to speak and I encouraged him with that, mostly prophesying his future as a new creature in Christ. Again I could see the lights going on. As we were going out together I asked him how he was doing. He said he felt a lot lighter, he seemed very hopeful. His mother also attends the meetings for her own issues and I found out we’d been attending the same church (Other than PCC). She was excited when I told her about the talk I had with her son. Just this past week we were at that church in a service when she came up to me (I didn’t recognize her at first and was a little startled as she made a bee-line for me during worship), She had tears in her eyes and she told me that her son had been clean in the weeks since I had seen him last, and was doing very well. I couldn’t have been more happy if he had been my own son. This totally caught me off guard as I had lost track of him and was busy with so many other things. In addition I was having a hard time getting into the worship in the service, This came up during worship time and needless to say it got a lot better after that! Thank you Jesus!

Submitted by Anonymous


Prayer and Fasting

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At the January 9th Discipleship class, Adam spoke about prayer and fasting. He said that fasting puts you in a place of believing. I’ve recently been in a situation where I need a tremendous amount of faith, so I was inspired to fast the very next day.

There was a woman in the class who spoke up about her continued success in fasting despite being anemic. She said she began by determining to fast regardless of her condition. Her story inspired me to fast not just one day, but two days, which I’ve never attempted before. It turned out to be two of the most amazing days with God. Not only did I not experience the usual lightheadedness after one day, but I’ve been experiencing good things happening to me physically which I can’t explain (but it’s wonderful). And, better yet, I continue to experience many rhema words as I read the Bible that speak loudly to the situation I’m in. The power of the Word is piercing the darkness as I speak it. It is so cool to feel God’s Word strengthening me and filling me up with that extra measure of faith that I need, along with joy, hope and trust in Him. God is so awesome!

I would to thank the woman who shared her testimony about fasting and encourage others to share their testimonies as they feel led. You never know who you might inspire.

Submitted by Carolyn Fisher

Life Saver

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It’s amazing how God works. On Thursday, I left home to go see someone. Something just kept nudging at me to go to the lake, my favorite place to be in the presence of the Lord. I followed my heart and made that right turn to the lake. As I was sitting in my car praising, I looked over and in the car beside me there was a women crying. I walked over to her and asked if she wanted to pray for whatever was hurting her. She lost it and told me she had gone there to end her life. As I began to cry I remembered the scripture that saved my life–Psalm 18:16. As I was praying, God sent another woman, Nancy Alecia, to stand and tag team with me. We prayed to deliver this woman from the strongholds that she was in. The glory and the honor are all His. Thank you Lord for leading me to where you needed Nancy and me at that moment.

Submitted by Yolanda Mendoza


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I’ve been encouraging someone about who they are in Christ. This person has had a tough childhood and now is a senior citizen, but still bound from the past. I’ve tried to share that our identity comes from Christ. I’ve also given them my prophetic handbook from my recent PCC class with Jamie Galloway. They were interested in it after I shared some of my experiences. My hope is that they will find a strong church and not try to stand alone, but to have a God-family to support them in their walk with God.

Submitted by Dana

Just Believe

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Wow, I don’t even know where to start! I was diagnosed with HIV on October 4, 1994. This year will be 18 years living with this disease. In December of last year while in the shower, I believe I heard God told me “today is the day.” I asked the day for what. And the reply He said was the day to go off meds and “just believe.”

I did so and it has been a wild ride. I get a check up every three months. I remember Adam saying from the pulpit one Sunday that if you cannot believe for a quadriplegic to get out of a chair and you know it, pray for what you can believe for—maybe his pinky to move or something. Therefore, I prayed to see some result change in a way that is against medical science. In March the viral levels (called viral load) had jumped from being undetectable to 20,000 particles per milliliter of blood. A virus is supposed to multiply exponentially without anything stopping it. Naturally, the viral load in June should have been 60K, 80K or higher. It was only 40K. Even the doctor agreed that something seemed to be slowing the viral growth. I told her that I was expecting this September’s test for the virus to turn around and start losing ground. She was hopeful but had to say the medical probabilities.

I just got back from the doctor’s and the viral load had fallen back to 20,000! It should not do this. Every time I had gone off meds in the past, the viral load would jump quickly to 100K or more. Within 18 months I was hospitalized. It is halfway to the 18 months and the virus is losing ground not gaining! I told my doctor that next time I expect it to be back to undetectable and then after that negative!

God truly heals all diseases. He is no respecter of person’s. He did not send HIV on people to punish them. He sent His son to forgive us and search for us while we were lost. I cannot wait until the test comes back negative from positive. I want to pray for every HIV-infected person, everyone with any blood disease and everyone just to let them know God loves them and is a Healer not a destroyer! I want to tell anyone who ever thought God had a lightning bolt and a whip that He does not–He has His son’s blood, mercy and forgiveness and lots and lots of healing!


Submitted by David Sellers

Blast of Hope

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Today at the office, I met a patient for the first time. Very flat affect, unemotional. His records indicated a history of depression. I asked him the typical medical questions and as I did this compassion for him just rose up in my heart and I was silently almost begging God for words to say to him to share God’s heart with him. In my mind I heard the word "carpenter" so I asked him if he has done carpentry work and he unemotionally said yes. I said "I bet you are really good at it." He didn’t really respond but I just shared that I felt the Lord showed me that about him because right now it seems like everything is hopeless and despairing, but He wanted him to know that He’s created him for a purpose with gifts and talents, etc. Again he didn’t really respond at all and in the past, I might have felt intimidated and might have stopped there. But I just couldn’t not share Truth and hope with him as my heart was so filled with compassion for him. He then shared a few things with me about his life, still unemotional about it all, but as I was leaving the room, he simply said "thank you." I really don’t know what he thought or felt about what I had shared, but I am trusting he got a blast of hope today!

Submitted by Tanya

The Good News

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For so long I knew my testimony was powerful, but when would God start using it? I had a friend contact me recently on Facebook. He knows my past as he was in Free!—a same-sex attraction group I went to up near Camp Hill. He told me how he was having issues with porn gone out of control. He works here in York and wanted to come sit and chat.
As the hours went by, he told me how event after event happened and his wife had to be gone from home more and more and he kept sinking deeper and deeper into porn and chatting with guys online. Even his gym times were now plagued with being more and more attracted to guys he saw there.

I told him I had good news. He sat and listened as I told him about my struggles and how I learned to understand the tactics of the devil—how he will send feelings of loneliness, separation and lust to hit. He will separate us to make us feel all alone as if we were the only ones who dealt with this stuff. I took him through Colossians 2 to show him that do’s and don’ts have no value to fight off the flesh and its desires.

Then I gave him the good news: he is free. He is delivered. It is finished. I told him he is a son and not a sinner and that is how God sees him. I showed him how the devil is angry and alone and scared and wants him to look just like him. I also showed him how God wants to father him to look just like Jesus. Then I sat and prayed with him to show him how easy it is to pray a faith-filled prayer out of relationship instead of the age-old fear oh save me prayer when he is already saved.

It was a beautiful afternoon and we plan to spend more afternoons talking more and learning more from each other. But more so, he has a nephew who just came out and has HIV at 19. He is hoping he can connect us, so I can encourage his nephew in his struggle. But the coolest thing is that my friend left with a smile and tears in his eyes which were now filled with hope!

The seeds I have been planting are starting to grow and give fruit—just like was prophesied over me at the conference. =)

Submitted by David S.


This is a follow up on the posting I made last night. I woke up and hit my computer to check emails and this was waiting for me:

I just wanted to briefly share with you a few things since I left. I decided not to go to the gym since I was tired. I just wanted to go home and have dinner. About 10 minutes before I got home I suddenly began thinking about looking at porn. I noticed the “feelings for the desire” had suddenly increased noticeably as I was getting closer to home. I began to wrestle a bit with those feelings and I was afraid I was going to give in to them after I walked in the door. The “voices” were at work again in my head giving me all kinds of excuses for doing it again. I wasn’t completely sure if I was going to give in, but I got out my laptop and sat down on my easy chair and began to think that maybe I was going to do it. After my laptop came out of hibernation it returned to the last thing that I was looking at back at work right before I shut it off. Well, that was your email to me containing the excerpt from your story!! The next thought was… hmmm…..what do I do now? Is this God speaking quietly to me and perhaps giving me a way out of my lustful intent?? I decided, if only for a minute, that I was going to begin reading your story. And so, it probably only took about one or two minutes of reading your text before I suddenly began to “feel” different. God began to draw me into your story and away from my lust. And then, I simply kept on reading your amazing, God-inspired words! Even as I am writing this to you tears are falling down my cheeks. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that you are writing what the Lord wants you to be writing. The clarity of what you are saying is pouring right through me. The perspective of your words has such weight. I almost do not know how to explain it. All I can say is that for me, personally, your text has been very moving in a positive way. And, I’m glad I didn’’t read it until after we met. I was in a much better frame of mind to accept it all after having met with you this afternoon. We both know God’’s timing in all things is perfect.

And so, I do not know what tomorrow will bring in the sensual world. Perhaps more attacks? Probably. This is one of those moments the enemy doesn’’t like. Maybe his grip is being loosed just a bit? I pray so, and I pray that it continues over the coming days/weeks/months.

I just wanted to thank you so much for taking time to meet with me. I do have more I wish to share with you, so I look forward to seeing you again soon whenever our schedules permit.

For now, at least for tonight, it looks like it will not end the way so many other nights recently have come to a close. And, that’s a good thing!

Talk soon.

God is so awesome!