Disappearing Mass

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4 years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I went the normal route of diagnosis, tests, and treatment. I have no doubt God walked with me every step. I remember a time I cried out to him when I didn’t think I could go another day. A year ago I told my Drs that there was something not right. They checked and said it was just scar tissue. Two months ago we found a lump/mass. I had the routine mammo and it didn’t show anything abnormal. I went to my next appt and the surgeon agreed there was definitely a lump/mass .He relooked at the mammo and showed us where this was seen if he enlarged the picture. We chose to have it removed and biopsied. My appointment was scheduled for October 7th. We only told those closest to us because I didn’t want sympathy. All through we prayed. Sunday when I was getting ready for church I checked and it was there…another reminder that here we go again. When I walked into church I asked for a few of my closest ladies to pray for me. I knew what to expect with another bad biopsy but I personally felt I was on the verge of a melt down. Those ladies laid hands on me and prayed. Tuesday morning I got ready to go for the surgery and I felt for the lump. I couldn’t find it. I asked my husband to look and he couldn’t find it . We went to the doctor’s. The nurses starting prepping me for surgery and I asked to speak to the surgeon. The nurses asked what was wrong. I told them I couldn’t feel a lump/mass. They checked and said they didn’t feel it either. They called the surgeon…he felt and said well we are not doing surgery today. There is nothing to biopsy. He told the nurse that 10 days prior I had a lump and he showed her by putting his fingers about an inch apart. One of the nurses said wow…can you believe that? I told her I believe a baby was born from a virgin…I can believe this too. Praise God that no matter what…he walks with us….gives us comfort through the sad times…..and gives healing even when all we asked for was peace.

submitted by Dutch Boyd


Seeing to Believing

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I recently returned home from Guatemala, where God did amazing things!!! We saw the lame walk, a mute man speak praises to Jesus, and an "immobile," damaged arm move. We saw a man who once couldn’t hear out of one ear, receive the Gospel in that same ear. We saw the sick recover: sore throats, stomach aches, and headaches leave in Jesus’ Name. We saw the oppressed set free, and the once-alcoholic, now born again and filled with the Holy Spirit, lead another man to Jesus. We saw people born again into the kingdom of God, and reconciliation where there was once no home. We saw those who were once unsure of their salvation, become sure, and the power of the Holy Spirit move. We saw people filled with the Holy Ghost immediately speak in tongues, and the lost, hurt, and abandoned orphan receive the love, joy and peace of the Lord. Praise God! Queen Sheba said to king Solomon that she did not believe the report she had heard of him in her own land, until she saw it for herself, and that when she did see it, it was even more than what she had heard (1 Kings 10). The same was true for me–it took seeing God use me, to believe that He wanted to, and when He did, it was beyond any expectation I could have had! He is SO good, and He wants to use YOU to show it! He’s not waiting until you go on a mission trip to use you, either. He loves those of us in the States as much as anyone else. You already have a mission field. He’s calling you to advance His kingdom. If you don’t, who will? I am no different than anyone else… You can believe that He will use YOU. He promises that His Word NEVER returns void–NEVER!!! There’s always a harvest of some sort. Take Him at His Word that "these signs shall follow those that believe…" because they will. His Word is Truth, and the world (even our neighbors) need to hear it. What if you could be the one God uses to change their eternal destiny? You’ll never know, if you never try. Step out in faith, and let Him use you to shine His light before men, that they may see your good deeds, and glorify your Father in heaven. Amen!

Submitted by Sarah Torrez

Straightened a Spine

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This miracle took place at the Alpha Course, at Rapha Christian Ministries. Our teacher, Ruben Hilliard was sharing that Christ’s death extends beyond the forgiveness of our sins, His death also allows us to live in the fullness of His promises, His power and authority. As an example of the power we carry in Christ he shared of a time he prayed for his neighbor with scoliosis and the boy was completely healed. As it happened, one of the young men who was visiting us for the first time, said he had scoliosis too. At the end of the teaching Ruben prayed for the young man who said he wakes up every morning with about a level 5 pain in his back from the scoliosis. After praying the spine was completely straight! You could actually see the spine going into alignment. The young man returned last week and reported that the pain in his back was completely gone. Praise the Lord!!!

Submitted by Barbara Miller


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Six months ago I went in for my yearly mammogram. I had been having a great deal of pain on my left side so they made sure to look closely. Right after my mammogram they gave me an ultrasound because they found a lump in my left breast. The doctor said it was small but he wanted to see me again in six months to see if it has changed in size or shape. When I returned home and told my husband he wanted to pray for me. As my husband prayed I could feel my pain greatly decrease. As the months went by a few others from our church also prayed for me. When the time for my next exam was getting close, I must admit I was letting some fear creep back in. I thank the Lord so much for my husband. He has been so wonderful and supportive and has continued to pray for me. On Friday, November 30th, I went in for my mammogram. Well when the doctors came out they said it did not grow, and in fact they could no longer see any lump. Praise God!! I have heard of healings but this one was so personal. Our Lord gave me abundantly more than I even asked for. Daddy God told me that day He loved me and had many plans for me. I praise God and give him all the Glory!!! Thank you Lord.

Submitted by Lynda & Gary Folk


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I was working for one of my clients today, and he came out to tell me he had to head into town for a few things. He is in his 80’s and has been struggling health-wise for some time. The major problem he has been dealing with is an infection in his foot that he has had surgery for three times but it keeps coming back, as well as major wrist pain. I said, “John, can I ask you a question that may sound weird coming from your landscaper?" He said "Sure." I told him that I believe in the healing power of the Holy Spirit and that I feel like God wants to give him a healing touch. I asked if I could pray for him, and he agreed. So I said a quick, to-the-point prayer, opened my eyes and he was crying as he was just ripping that brace off of his wrist. "Steve, for the first time in more then two years I am pain free. I am going to be able to play catch with my grandsons on Thanksgiving and everyone is going to want to know what happened." Then he said, "When you prayed, you said Daddy God. I have never in all of my years heard that, or thought of God in that way." So I had the privilege of sharing a little with him as God as Daddy God and how He loves us.

Submitted by Steve

Feed My Sheep

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I have learned a valuable secret: to love is the most potent of all gifts. Imagine, if you will, standing beside Jesus performing a miracle, and after he is finished he turns to you to find you in total awe. He speaks these words: "Why do you stand here marveling at what you see me do? Do you not know that if you have faith as small as a mustard seed you may say to the mountain move and it shall be moved?" This is all the license required to do tremendous acts of love, this is the game change that exceeds all worldly understanding.

My journey of love began with a single proposition. If you love me feed my sheep. People are really hungry, not just for food and shelter but hungry to know love. Many have given up, we do not see them, they reside in the shadows, broken, familiar with rejection, resigned of hope and full with sorrows. Such was the condition of our latest endeavor. She had served her nation but time slows even the greatest of athletes. The light of those days of glory has dimmed, the body now broken, the sacrifices forgotten, here stood the veteran soldier, abandoned and alone for a decade. Trapped in one room of a four bedroom house, helpless and now greatly offended, sorrow begins to depress the spirit sending the mind and the body into dark places. We are sent unto such for the purpose of reconciliation with signs and wonders. We have loved her from the beginning, in all her mess we have loved her. We labor on her behalf where it makes no sense to her we should be so concerned. We shall make change, she shall know it in her heart and give praise and honor to the God that did not abandon her. She shall be made whole. Do you love me? Then feed my sheep.

Submitted by Randy

The Crowd

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So, since I came to Gonaive its just been one bad thing after another (though through it all I’ve been really content and happy). A bad bus accident in which I was first on the scene and helped pull bodies out of the overturned bus, several deaths of children in our community, and then last night I was robbed at gun point while walking home after dark with two friends. Thankfully, we were not hurt.

Anyway, the bad stuff was not what I wanted to write and tell you. So, I have never forgotten what you spoke over me before I came here, that there would be healing in Haiti when I came and that I should expect, not ask. I’ve been frustrated because it seems like there has NOT been healing since I came. At least not for the people I’ve laid hands on. Last year, one man had a healed back after I prayed for him. But, since then…nothing. I’ve laid hands on people in the market. A week or two ago, a three year old little boy (he was a brother to two of my students and a son of a Voodoo priest) died. The family was distraught. The Holy Spirit moved me to go to their house several hours after he died to pray for him. He was in the house covered by a sheet. He had been dead for 6 hours or so. I laid hands on him and prayed that he would be raised from the dead. As I prayed his father just wept, and wept. It was probably one of the most difficult things I’ve done. I was just wrecked. I was so expectant for his tiny body to start moving again…but nothing happened. It was really hard.

In a recent prayer meeting with my American’s here, I asked for prayer for patience. What I didn’t know was that the next day, two friends prayed that God would give me a visible sign of my work here, that I would see why I am here and how it is impacting those around me. That day, I just had one of the most positive days. I had decided that for every person that I passed that called to me or was rude, I would stop and talk to them. So, I did. It was taken so well by all the people. Every conversation I had was just different from normal. Because I’ve done that before and have not always had great results. This time, no one begged…everyone was happy to talk to me. It was great.

I was almost home and I passed by four beggar women that ALWAYS sit in front of the huge Catholic church in the main town square–the busiest part of the city. They always look really poor and rough. They are there almost every day. They reached out their hands begging. I told them, "I’m not going to give you money, but If you would like to talk, we can talk." They got so excited and had huge toothless smiles. They were very old and skinny. They jumped up to talk (by the way, this was right after the hurricane). When I asked how they were doing, they told me they were not good because they got muddy and wet in the rain. I asked if it had flooded their houses. They said, no we don’t have houses. We sleep under a tree at night. I was floored and didn’t really know what to say. All I could think of was "can i pray for you?" They all said "YES!" except for one lady. She said, "Do you go to this Catholic church?" I said no. She said, "well then no, you don’t need to pray for me" and she sat down. I said, "Madame, that is no problem. If you don’t want prayer that is ok, but I believe that the church we go to does not matter. The only thing that matters is that we love God, we pray to him, and we worship him." The three ladies that were still standing all said, AMEN! So, I put my arms around the three ladies and started praying. I was praying in Creole so it was kind of hard. I’m mostly fluent but I never pray in Creole so it felt kind of awkward. I warned them of that, but they didn’t care. They just said, "pray, pray!" As soon as I began to pray, the lady who didn’t want prayer stood up, joined us, and put her arm around me to receive prayer. It was so cool. I didn’t know what was happening really in them, but I knew God planned the ENTIRE thing and that he was doing something within them even if I didn’t know what it was.

After I prayed for them as a whole group, I figured I already looked crazy in the middle of the street praying as people were stopping to watch and stare, so why not keep praying? So, I asked them if anyone had pain or sickness. They all said, "YES YES!!!!" and started pointing to places and telling me all of their problems. As this was all happening, the crowd around me was growing. People were literally pushing and shoving and starting to argue so that they could get prayer first. It was INSANE!!! I could not believe it!!!! Nothing like that EVER happens here…people always just want money or things and this time ALL they wanted was my prayer. So, one by one I prayed for each of the 4 women. Some of them just said, "everything…pray for everything…my entire body is in pain." The lady who originally didn’t want prayer was the first to ask for MORE prayer. She asked me to pray for some physical pain, but more importantly for her son. She said he is a wicked man who has killed, stolen, lies, and has raped many women. She said he is an embarrassment and that she didn’t know what to do. I just prayed as best I could and spoke love and forgiveness and grace over all of them.

So, after I prayed for the first four women, people just kept approaching me and pushing their way towards me for prayer. I prayed for SO many different things. Blind eyes, crippled bones, swelling, chest pain, leg pain, arm pains, hips, backs, head pain…honestly, you name it and I prayed for it…seriously! And then, as I was praying and stumbling my way through in Creole, people in the crowd were yelling, "AMEN! MESI JEZI! (thank you Jesus)." I was addressing the crowd and asking them if they believed in the power of the Holy Spirit to heal their pains. They all said “yes keep praying!!” One lady had a lot of leg pain, and I prayed for her multiple times and she said it was starting to feel better. I encouraged her to keep believing in the healing.

IT WAS SO AWESOME. People were hilarious too. There were so many people staring at the crowd. I heard whispering, "What is the white girl doing?!" People responded, "She’s praying". I heard one man behind me say, ‘Oh, the white girl isn’t really praying…her eyes are open." hahahah! Hilarious! 🙂 I think I prayed for at least 15-20 people. I was so overwhelmed and full of joy when I got home that I just started crying. It was INCREDIBLE! Then, the very next day, I got asked to lead Saturday youth group in Port au Prince (three hours away) with the youth group that I helped lead last year. So, I got to share the whole testimony and there were over 60 Haitian teenagers there. They were all really encouraged by what had happened.

Submitted by Katie Benner

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